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Unfortunately I wasn't around to witness the efforts made by people to obtain tickets for our recent Newcastle shows, but here are some pictures taken by a friend of mine who works on Grey Street. It was and still is truly staggering the lengths people went to to come and see us play. We were amazed and honored, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making the event such a unique and memorable one. If you didn't manage to make it, then we hope to see you on Feb 20th at Northumbria Uni. Thank you, Lukas and the band.

posted by maximo_band_pics
7th Feb 2007, 11:35  

clara says:

Thank you for posting these pics,Lukas.It looks like a sizeable queue.

7th Feb 2007, 11:49

Hayley says:

Thats mad loads of people.

The new song was on tv again today. Yes I did have a little dance in my pjs when no one was looking!


7th Feb 2007, 18:59

char says:

Dancing is better when everyone is looking! Xx

7th Feb 2007, 20:37

ducky says:

Whoa!! A huuuuge queue!
Nice to hear from you Lukas!

8th Feb 2007, 02:28

anonymous says:

Char, You haven't seen me dance.



8th Feb 2007, 09:19

Adam says:

I had to buy a ticket for £50 and the bouncers wouldn't let me in! They said I didnt look 18! SINCE WHEN WAS IT AN OVER 18 GIG!?!?!? and why? they are only playing songs :(

14th Feb 2007, 19:19

vic says:

really sorry for your troubles adam but dont buy overpriced tickets its not good if nobody bought them at inflated prices they would never have a market for them so they woulnt buy them then that could be your normal priced ticket next time. the venue may have had a bar open?

15th Feb 2007, 11:48

Rich says:

holy crap, mahoosive queue. something like a phenomenon, aincha!

15th Feb 2007, 14:52

vic says:

new pics anyone?

17th Feb 2007, 14:59

clara says:

Oh I hope so.Anyone out there with some new ones?

17th Feb 2007, 17:03

anonymous says:

i hav a soft spot for Archis

17th Feb 2007, 23:48

vic says:

we all do!

18th Feb 2007, 12:56

clara says:

Perhaps you should post a photo of him on here,anonymous,if you admire him?

18th Feb 2007, 16:40

jeff(jeffthompson-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

I was in the rpm q, 62nd to be exact. yeeeesss i counted,just to make sure id get a ticket! 1 n half hours wos frig all to hear this answer "£11 please" to this question "two tickets to see maximo park please mate"

shit hot gig, shit hot new songs, shiiiiittt hot !

21st Feb 2007, 01:27