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Burswood Entertainment Complex

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Annalise and I have just come back from a drunken weekend away, at the
Burswood Complex. It really is a fantastic place to stay.. The hotel is
awesome.. Looks just like a UFO has landed, or some sort of futuristic
pyramid. The lobby is equally impressive too. Well worth a visit if your
heading to Perth - even if it's just for the Newcastle Brown Ale "on
tap" at Paddy Hannan's Irish Bar!


midlife says:

Looks like a fun place to visit.

5th Feb 2007, 03:04

yatesybear says:

It is wild - actually I used to work at the casino as a croupier and we got discounts at the hotel - cool.

5th Feb 2007, 04:10

SpoonZ says:

The casino is great! We spent most of the weekend, boozing it up in there at the winners bar - I gambled a whole dollar *shock horror* and that was only because Annalise had gone to "power her nose" and I was bored :o) Was fun watching the poker faces on people too - I don't think I could croupier, looks like you have to keep pretty focused and the games were moving sooo quickly - not like our drunken friday night poker games at home :o)

5th Feb 2007, 04:17

I really like the 4th one down. Interesting architecture.

5th Feb 2007, 08:31