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by Essitam

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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Why haven't I watched this before....???

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I'm now on a mission to find my very own googlewhack!!!

taniwha says:

I read the book. Distracting but forgettable

13th Jan 2007, 17:39

Essitam says:

WELL...I should say watch the film, or read the book to find out!!

I only found this out last night.

It is when 2 random words are entered into google search engine and they only come up with only ONE result.

The words have to be spelt correctly, they mustn't be in speak marks and they must be REAL words, the benchmark to real is if they appear in

There is a website that explains better. i want to find one now!!!

13th Jan 2007, 17:44

Joe says:

I found one a long time ago (probably nearly 3 years now) I had it bookmarked somewhere. I bet it's a lot harder to do nowadays.

13th Jan 2007, 19:06

Essitam says:

Well done Joe, I've trying on and off all day.

Thought I had one then realised a spelling mistake, that happened 3 timed DOH.

Closest I've got is 7 listings!!!

13th Jan 2007, 19:37

James says:

Nice keyboard ;-)

13th Jan 2007, 20:57

James says:

Oh and Al - you must come round when I'm here one night!

13th Jan 2007, 20:57

Essitam says:

Second what James said!!

oh and yes 'tis nice keyboard, must try and remember where I got it from ;-)

13th Jan 2007, 21:08

Essitam says:

I kicked your ASS 100%, beat by a girlie!!!

Your guitar hero bragging days are over...your never going to live it down Mr Competitive!!

14th Jan 2007, 12:18

Al says:

*cough* FLUKE! *cough*

I bring it on myself.

Maybe I should go dust down my copy and get some practice in. haha

14th Jan 2007, 12:27

Paul says:

I always thought a googlewhack was an image search without the child filters on....

oh and i'd take you both on at Guitar Hero and kick your arses.

17th Jan 2007, 11:16

i went to see him live presenting google whack it was funking high-lary-arse! his energy is what made it for me! he is mental! leaping around shouting at people and attacking peeps it was great!

17th Jan 2007, 11:20

monkey finger NLI says:

especially the tattoo bit at the end, where he challenged people to come up and rub it, then screamed at them when they did. genius.

17th Jan 2007, 11:28

Essitam says:

I love Dave Gorman, such a funny guy, without even trying, just highly intelligent and has all the right words!!

I had to admit i nearly wet myself laughing at the faces of the guys he was shouting at in the end.

He's bringing his television series out on DVD this year...Are you Dave Gorman?

17th Jan 2007, 16:50

Plinko says:

I've read the book and I loved it. I didn't know there was a DVD... I am intrigued

21st Jan 2007, 15:28