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Dogs. Fiber Arts. Occasional Cats, Trolleys & Trains & Flowers. And other moments from my life that I find interesting.
**Motorola ic902 - Probably the best of the (poor) choices with Nextel for a camera phone.
**Canon Powershot A430 - Oh, how I love thee, let me count the ways....Primary camera - if it a good photo, this took it.
"No one has to know that I’m just a paper tiger
Living in a condo built on bullshit and sand..."
-- Chris Orbach - I Outdid You
"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
-- Katherine Hepburn

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Belated Xmas gifties

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From DH, who is not a gamer and did not realize the DS would be damned near impossible to find between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Isn't it pretty? Mad props to bro-in-law Tim who made note of all of 2 being stocked while at the store and grabbed one while the grabbing was good. WiFi is all good, so if you got ACWW and want to make friends, give me a shout, the contact user linky works.

My Xbox (which seems to want to check itself out of reality anyway) will miss me, I'm sure :-)

Dhamaka says:

pink too.... enjoy!

8th Jan 2007, 10:00

ViX says:


8th Jan 2007, 14:24

silar31 says:

Oh yeah. I was torn between pink and white - pink because, well, PINK, I mean what else do you need to know? And white because of the whole color coordination with the iBook thing. But pink is what they had so that made the decision. :-)

8th Jan 2007, 18:47

paintist says:


8th Jan 2007, 19:32

Tori says:

I really wanted the black until I saw how much the greasy finger prints really showed on the black.

9th Jan 2007, 00:41

deadlolita says:

A pink DS and Animal Crossing. You are my hero, lol

11th Jan 2007, 01:57

Woah, it's time to rescue my Animal Crossing copy, finally I'm in wifi @my home, playing ever 42 all time classics, give me time to re-arrange my town and you'll get my friend code Sil!!!

17th Jan 2007, 16:56

Euphro says:

Excellent! There are quite a few ACWW victims on here :D

17th Jan 2007, 16:58

silar31 says:

zizzi, I look forward to it!

Euphro, Little E gets a bit older you'll have to get her one. :-)

17th Jan 2007, 20:32

I have to open my FON router to play with ACWW, it doesn't work if I use a WEP key, I hope to remember to set LaFonera everytime I'm not playing with my DS in wifi!
Anyway... this is my friend code:
See ya!

18th Jan 2007, 21:06

silar31 says:

zizzi, here is my info:

I'll have my gates open all day and evening today! If you look at the flag when you come in, if it has the letters "AFDS" on it means I am off doing things but if it has the dachshund on it I am around :-)

19th Jan 2007, 18:04

code registered, I can see you are with gates open but I'm not able to enter yr town, dunno why, have you registered my code?
Oh... great card!
Edit: I'm in!

19th Jan 2007, 23:44

silar31 says:

I think the wifi was having issues zizzi, you are in now! You can go to the website shown on the card and make yourself one, makes it very easy to share your friend info with people :-) Here is the link to my catalogue!

Edit: Zizzi, that was a LOT of fun, visiting each other's towns! Tell Mara sorry for keeping you up all night :-). See you soon!

19th Jan 2007, 23:52

Mara had surfed the web all night with our Wii with Opera searching an home 4 his parents and is happy for our funny crosser experience.
I have some fossil 4 U, doors R open!

20th Jan 2007, 14:48