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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

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Last night a dj....

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.....didnt save my life but played some top tunes(mmmm vinyl) & looked like he enjoyed himself.As did lots of people,nice to see The Empire full on a Thursday-where do they all hide for club Nme,Sav.

posted by anonymous

5th Jan 2007, 21:18  

clara says:

Have you any photos of the night,Sav?

5th Jan 2007, 21:55

Sav says:

Fraid not, but there were loads of folk taking camera phone snaps.Paul on the decks attracted a good deal of attention from the non forum curious rather than us obssesives!

5th Jan 2007, 23:17

char says:

that poster wouldnt have been on the wall for long if I was there I've developed a nasty/brilliant habit of stealing club posters. Maybe one day Paul or another parker will bring their sexy vinyl down to brum??? *hopeful*

6th Jan 2007, 00:33

clara says:

It's a great poster I agree.
I spotted an Elvis film poster once in a cafe,was going to offer the owner something for it,but thought he wouldn't sell.
Sorry,off-topic there!

6th Jan 2007, 11:09

anonymous says:

char look somewhere in brum for ps dj sets coming very very soon to a club near you thursdays seem popular or try nme club nights sorry no more information to help

6th Jan 2007, 14:47

anonymous says:

maybe MPs dj sets could be better advertised by there management somewhere on this sight like they do for conventional gigs

6th Jan 2007, 14:52

clara says:

Who the heck is this anonymous?Why don't you reveal your name?
Best ignored.

6th Jan 2007, 18:33

clara says:


6th Jan 2007, 18:34

anonymous says:

yeah someone's trying to help and people ignore that cause he/she's writing as anon. wonderful. you win at life.

6th Jan 2007, 18:38

char says:

*kisses anon* I dont care what they say...I love you. Hehe, seriously thanks for the heads up. Xx

6th Jan 2007, 18:53

clara says:

@anon-reveal yourself!why hide behind a mask?Something to hide,perhaps??

6th Jan 2007, 19:52

Bound says:

'You win at life' - brill. I'll let you off for being anon just for that.
@Char: I thought you loved ME. :(

7th Jan 2007, 09:56

char says:

Bound, you can totally love two people at the same time. Just in this case I actually only love anon so... Hehe, I jest. Naturally love for an unnamed can never be quite as meaningful as love for a named. Esp when that name kicks ass! Xx P.S Could I kiss arse anymore in this message???

7th Jan 2007, 21:18

clara says:

ButChar,if you love anon,you could be loving someone you don't know at all-could be a mass murderer for all you know.
Be sensible!

8th Jan 2007, 11:33

char says:

True. But I think it's highly unlikely. Mass murderers listen to things like Whitney Housten and Phil Collins and the like...not Maximo Park. I have learnt all I need to know from "American Psycho" (lovelove). Jokes aside though I just meant if the person has some useful information I dont really care if theyre anon. So long as they arent being a knob. Xx

8th Jan 2007, 13:18

Bound says:

LOL! Yeah, or Huey Lewis and the News! Love American Psycho...

8th Jan 2007, 14:30

vic says:

more to the point char did you phone round or anything to find the DJ set

8th Jan 2007, 14:40

char says:

I did nothing. Literally nothing. I mean how soon is very very soon?! I promise I'll do something though. But it'll be on posters and leaflets and stuff anyway. The only place I can imagine he would do a set is the academy?? Maybe the sanctuary?? Barfly? If it's at Barfly theyll myspace the hell out of it. Im rambling now but the point is I will do something. Xx

8th Jan 2007, 15:20

char says:

Ok, I messaged Barfly...need a lie down now like. Xx

8th Jan 2007, 15:25

clara says:

Phew!That was a hectic round of posts.Need a lie-down myself.
Hope you get some from the Barfly,Char.

8th Jan 2007, 18:57

anonymous says:

I know someone called 'Anon'... if you google 'Anon Griffiths' then hopefully she will be located. At ease.

10th Jan 2007, 14:33

Anon says:

dammit I'm found out :P

10th Jan 2007, 15:28

anonymous says:

the myspace fiasco has ruined everything. i h8 the fans. i hate the band. sucks.

12th Jan 2007, 20:32

char says:

Yes clearly. Was a bit uncomfortable though...Xx

13th Jan 2007, 00:23