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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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1. Nicky (has a new moblog) and Stat (needs to remember he has a moblog)
2. Dicko (has a but is too drunk to use his moblog)
3. Mike, Nicky's husband
4. Goonflowerand her (long suffering??) Husband Steve.
5. Playing table football, Stu, Hiding behind him Stat, Gareth and hiding behind him Alex.
6. Sally (other half to moblogger Rich) and Kelly.
7. Moblogger Rich


8. and paying a flying visit due to being still hungover from the night before Saddam Hussain....In very bad taste i know and to anyone who takes offence I'm sorry!
2nd Jan 2007, 20:41   | tags:,,,,

goonflower says:

HE'S long suffering?! How dare you! He is clearly taunting me...

2nd Jan 2007, 21:13

Steph says:

Please note the sarcastic question marks!!

2nd Jan 2007, 21:21

Something tells me whatever Steve is saying began with the words "But Darling...." :D

2nd Jan 2007, 21:28

goonflower says:

Ah! ;)
And yes sis, I think you're right!

2nd Jan 2007, 21:28

Steph says:

I overheard him saying ..... "We can do this now we're married..."

Quite what he was trying to get you to do I'm not sure and don't think I want to know!!!

2nd Jan 2007, 21:30

goonflower says:

Let me clear this up - He was trying to get me to dance bump&grind.; I, surprisingly, declined...!

2nd Jan 2007, 21:32

goonflower says:

ps but Stuart willingly, and a little too quickly, jumped in to take my place!!

2nd Jan 2007, 21:32

Steph says:

You turn down a dance with your husband...NEVER??

(see those sarcastic question marks again!!)

And I saw and have pictures of the Stu/Steve dance...I'm scarred for life!

2nd Jan 2007, 21:34