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Hello friends. This is My "moblog". I will try to update it everyday, from my lovely hospital bed.
keep updated :) and feel free to e-mail me at I will email you back

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I know the puffs name.
i could say. But that would break all online, you know, rights and
safety things. I dont trust that tms one inch.Heehe i know his name too. You dont know mine thugh do you....... Bin
lying all this time even on city hospital, which id like to say isn't
real, coz im not actually ill....... Its all a bit of japes. HeheAny........ Thankyou for the card.
Where are those doctors? :)
7th Dec 2006, 14:56  


finger pistols right back atcha, buddy :)

7th Dec 2006, 14:58

Dhamaka says:

get those doctors, the Boss is calling...

But Puff suits him so well.....

7th Dec 2006, 15:14

swamprose says:

hoping the magic cells are doing their bit. high five.

7th Dec 2006, 15:25

lizziepants says:

looking smily today Alex. :)

7th Dec 2006, 15:58

Puddlepuff says:

Yes,... but can you also pronounce it?

7th Dec 2006, 16:47

hildegard says:

Yay! You look a deal more cheerful today, Alex - good to see. :)

7th Dec 2006, 17:00

MaggieD says:

Hi Alex
I just might tell .... as I also know ...

Not sure if you can view the blog from your phone (I know you have lousy reception because of all the machinery that you are surrounded by, but I have posted a little cartoon and ditty on my blog for you .... if you cannot view, then this is the ditty ...

We don't want your money
'cos that is not the issue,
What we really want is
Healthy body tissue ...

Mesenchymal stem cells
(if I'm to be precise)
Just a few millilitres
would be so very nice.

It is just like giving blood
So please don't hesitate ...
You can give the gift of life,
So please, my friends, donate ....

Hoping that you will get some donations to your little bag of magic cells .....

7th Dec 2006, 19:11

TMS says:

I am the most trust worthy person you could ever trust. Fact. Ray knows this.

8th Dec 2006, 12:05

Dad says:

The phone that Alex uses for the blog is broken and is being sent away for repair, so he won't be able to do the blog for the moment.

10th Dec 2006, 10:23

ann says:

Glad to see you are 'blogging' again and the viewing is high. You sound good and are looking better every day so fingers crossed for being home for Christmas. It's been raining most of the day so you aren't missing much outside.

10th Dec 2006, 22:38

Puddlepuff says:

Alfie must have a spare phoneyou can borrow,.. with all the reviews going on :)

11th Dec 2006, 01:59

Chris says:

Good to see you looking quite chirpy. You probably won't be able to read this without your phone will you? Ah nuts.

11th Dec 2006, 11:11

Dhamaka says:

Happy New Year!

31st Dec 2006, 20:38

Not seen you around for a while mate.

Hope everything is ok. Happy new Year

1st Jan 2007, 21:08

John says:

Alex is engaged in what could be his final struggle in the next few hours.
He has the courage and love of life that he has shown throughout.
Love and Peace.

2nd Jan 2007, 11:57

MaggieD says:

Had a text from Jenny (Alex's mum) last night - our thoughts are with him and his family.
A sad time.
Love and peace, indeed.

2nd Jan 2007, 12:02

paintist says:

I am so sorry....all love to Alexs family, a very sad time...

2nd Jan 2007, 12:39

very sorry. love to all alex's family, and all my best vibes for him

2nd Jan 2007, 12:41

Jill says:

Alex, I've been reading about your struggle for the past 9 months. I hope you know that though we've never met, I am praying for you.You've been so amazing and graceful - your strength and humor is overwhelming.

Love to you and your family -


2nd Jan 2007, 15:48

swamprose nli says:

oh alex.
such grace.
love to you all.

2nd Jan 2007, 16:23

factotum says:

Alex, John and Jenny, I am thinking of you all with love and great admiration for your courage and grace.

2nd Jan 2007, 20:28

Frances says:

Dear Alex ,
just thinking of you with love and affection , you give us all so much with your lovely generous nature,
love and peace to Jenny Tim and Chris

3rd Jan 2007, 00:15

Chris, Jenny and Tim says:

Alex died at about 3.20 this morning. He was very peaceful at the end was surrounded by people who love him.
Thank you all so much for all of your support for Alex. Knowing that you were all thinking of him was a real comfort to him.
We're going to try and put a more full blog entry as soon as possible.

3rd Jan 2007, 05:39

Dom & Jon says:

So sorry to hear this sad news.
Our thoughts with you at this time

3rd Jan 2007, 09:08

MaggieD says:

So, so sorry to hear this...... thinking of you all,..

3rd Jan 2007, 10:03

John says:

Alex, your love of life, humour and courage will always be in our hearts and lighten our paths when they to bocome darkened. Farewell.

3rd Jan 2007, 10:21

seaneeboy says:

This has been possibly the most moving blog I've ever read, and I will miss it terribly.

An incredible fight, he's going to live on long in moblog memory.

3rd Jan 2007, 12:46

paintist says:

I can only echo what Sean has said, Alex was an incredible young man....

3rd Jan 2007, 13:23

So sorry..

Our thoughts are with you all

3rd Jan 2007, 13:27

hildegard says:

Oh, Alex...
Love to your family.

3rd Jan 2007, 15:48

Joan says:

Farewell Alex, will never forget you!

3rd Jan 2007, 17:48

sail on, dude, sail on

3rd Jan 2007, 23:23

srange little girl NLI says:

Have read through the blogs three or four times now.........

Rock on Alex and Peace be with you and your family

4th Jan 2007, 01:11

eroika says:

Peace to you, Alex and to your family. Safe journeys on the next step of your travels.

4th Jan 2007, 05:45

JokerXL says:

An incredible person, goodbye Alex, God's speed.

4th Jan 2007, 11:06

eliza says:

you were just fantastic alex and i will miss you very much x

4th Jan 2007, 22:07

pads20 says:

Im so sorry to hear the sad news of Alex, I had ALL 3 yrs ago and came across this blog a couple of months ago and have followed it often, My thoughts are with you all
John Sutton

4th Jan 2007, 23:49

Eliza's Mum(meddlingwitch-at-aol-dot-com) says:

You made me laugh in a queue to see teachers at a parents' evening; you made geography fun for Eliza. A star burnt out too soon.

5th Jan 2007, 00:33

Plinko says:

God bless you Alex x

6th Jan 2007, 14:24

arkangel says:

You are a great example of love of life and bravery - it's an honour to be connected to you through this community - rest in peace.

7th Jan 2007, 01:26

Rest In Peace says:

What a special person. So full of life. You touched many lives, i always looked up to you. And i do now more than ever. Goodbye Alex X

7th Jan 2007, 19:40

Red Flash. says:

Alex, I remember you in band, blowing your trumpet, and in choir, singing with that special sound you managed so effortlessly while others failed. Your sound resonated through us all. Not only in music, but in your smile and your cheerful walk through school, your keen greenfingers, the ability to look so indiscriminately at the younger students, find the right level and for us to feel completely at ease with you, even though you were Alex Saville, the cool kid with the top hat and dreadlocks, the singer, the horticultural club member. Thankyou for singing with us, sitting with us, talking to us, You will be remembered for years to come for all of this and so much more by all of us
Thankyou for being such an inspiration, Alex.

16th Jan 2007, 00:59

MaggieD says:

Yay, well we all know Puff's name now .... :) ...... he's taking your memory with him to Africa :)

19th Sep 2007, 21:20

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