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MP3Tunes - Your Music Everywhere

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I've been thinking about changing how I listen to my music for a while now...I've also been thinking that I should really backup the mass amount of music I own, having lost it all before due to hard drive deaths! (It's a pain re-ripping lots of CDs.)

I heard about mp3tunes about a year ago and decided recently to give it a go.

For 40 US dollars per year you get an online 'locker' where you can store and play an unlimited amount of music. You simply use the Oboe Sync software to sync the music on your computer with your locker and hey presto, your entire music collection is stored online!

From here you can listen to your music via the player/browser in your account on the mp3tunes website on any internet connected computer!

Whatsmore, you can download a little plugin that makes your locker appear as a shared music library in iTunes (or winamp) so you can listen to your music online through iTunes!

So far I've been really pleased with the service, I'm listening to my music all day long while I work on my laptop over a 2MB broadband connection and it works a treat!

I can access all my music anywhere there's an internet connection and should I have a hard drive problem, everything is backed up online!

Alfie says:

It really is a great service, I use it on my Nokia 770. I've yet to make use of the pay service, but only last night I was thinking how few CD's I now own, and how almost all of my music is just bits and bytes now. If my hard drive fragged, I'd be fux0red. Coupled with the fact that you can download any of your tunes wherever you are in the world as well as stream them makes it a very attrractive service. There are two questions that loiter though, one is legality, depending on where you are in the world, its certainly iffy. Secondly, what about M4P protected Music purchased through I-tunes, can you stream these files through the oboe locker service?

6th Dec 2006, 13:02

James says:

I've not tried it on my Nokia N80 yet, but I'd be hopeful it will work! (Although I have an iPod, so I'm not sure I'd need this functionality).

As for the legality - I'll turn an 'ignorant eye' until there's a problem!

You can't play iTunes DRM-protected songs in the locker (or via iTunes as a shared library , even if you're using the version of iTunes you purchased them from.) However you can sync and thus back them up in your locker.

I hate DRM music, but although I'm not in the habit of buying albums from iTunes, I do have quite a few b-sides and live tracks that I've purchased. What I did was to burn all my DRM music to audio CDs in iTunes, then ripped them back into iTunes, thus removing the DRM. I then synched/uploaded those tracks to my locker so I could listen to them.

Obviously if you have a lot/the majority of your music DRM-ed from iTunes or wherever, this could be a total pain in the ass...but I'm sticking with CDs for now, until all this DRM crap is sorted out!

6th Dec 2006, 13:11

Alfie says:

Yeah. I dont have a huge amount of DRM'd music, similiar buying habits to you really, so it wont be a problem for me, I was raising it more as a problem for a wide mass audience use of the service.

For me, the main thing is being able to back up 88GB of music, wow. I dont know anywhere I can do that for £20 a year :D

6th Dec 2006, 13:14

James says:

Yes - I currently have 25GB uploaded and several more GBs on hard drives I need to try and recover!

6th Dec 2006, 18:09

frog51 says:

DRM sucks - currently I have about 105Gb of music ripped from CD or bought from non- i-Tunes sites. And it works on the linux box in my car, my windows media PC, my phone, my random unix machines and my portables - with no problems at all!

When DRM matures to the state I can play MY songs on any of MY hardware, then I'll be interested. Not a moment earlier!

9th Dec 2006, 21:34