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Banksy woz 'ere:

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on the morning of the "I'll tell you a story..." exhibition, Dhamaka and
I went out on the bikes to see how many of Banksy's "works" we could
find around the East, that weren't already cut, jigsawed, or chiseled
out of the walls and put onto ebaY (or been "buffed" by the authorities).

Hoxton, Hackney & down to Brick Lane...but *this* is all we found.
heresy, i tell you.
4th Dec 2006, 22:34   | tags:,,,

Caine says:


4th Dec 2006, 22:44

Joe says:

it's ironic really, I mean he is a great artist and always was (one of my personal favourite artists of all time), but the whole point to his early works was that they were public, and now due to his own success, they're being removed and sold on ebay. He found it hard enough "selling out" and making purchasable art in the first place, that must just make him want to give up all together.

4th Dec 2006, 22:51

nige says:

even if it increased the value of your building, Mandy?

pink indeed Caine!

4th Dec 2006, 22:51

nige says:

heheh Mandy. Joe's right, but i guess with his popularity, it was always going to happen. and who knows, despite Banksy's manifesto, we all get older, and most of us crave the comforts that money can buy, so maybe this is what he wanted all along...

4th Dec 2006, 22:56

nige says:

i bloody knew it!

4th Dec 2006, 22:59

Joe says:

*stands up*

no, I'm Banksy

4th Dec 2006, 22:59

nige says:

*puts hood up & hunches shoulders*

actually, i'm...

4th Dec 2006, 23:00

Dhamaka says:

My camera was there too :(

4th Dec 2006, 23:34

nige says:


4th Dec 2006, 23:39

Dhamaka says:

incoming - or should I say incame...

4th Dec 2006, 23:43

540air says:

Alright so which one of you people on the cross is called Brian?

5th Dec 2006, 00:05

540air says:

No, I'm Brian!! :D

5th Dec 2006, 00:22

540air says:

Right, who said that?

5th Dec 2006, 00:26

540air says:

Crucifixion? That's nice. Line along the left, one cross each....

5th Dec 2006, 00:27

540air says:

Fantastic!!!! :D

I think mine are "Crucifixion?" "Err, no, freedom actually" "Only joking", "You lucky lucky bastard, what I'd give to be spat at in the face" and "Blessed are the big noses" :D

5th Dec 2006, 00:33

Dhamaka says:

5th Dec 2006, 09:50

540air says:

Blessed are the meek? Oh, that's nice, it's about time they got something.... :)

5th Dec 2006, 12:47

lou says:

what a great excuse for a ride!! love it! so sad though.

great shots anyhoo

5th Dec 2006, 14:03

Dhamaka says:

excuse? Who needs an excuse for a ride?


5th Dec 2006, 17:03

Mouse says:

If Carlsberg did threads to Moblog posts this'd be the one.

Nige the pics are good but the metamorphosis from Banksy to The Life of Brian tops it for me!

5th Dec 2006, 18:51

mouse says:

How come that the entire wall, including the part where the suppossed art was taken from is all pink, but the end of the tag is still there. If the art was taken and then the wall painted pink surely the tag would have been painted over? Yours Confused

5th Dec 2006, 19:09

Dhamaka says:

what kind of idjut takes away the art and not the signature's what I'd like to know..

5th Dec 2006, 23:23

Sprocket says:

I'm with Mouse on the whole Pink confusion.

However, can't believe people have the gall to remove half a wall.

6th Dec 2006, 07:26

Si says:

Got to got to Brissol wannum - next time you're west, i'll give you a tour unnit!

7th Dec 2006, 19:16

nige says:

absolutely Fran. couldn't agree more.

and Si, i'm taking you up on that offer my man!

8th Dec 2006, 19:45