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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 27 The Winners ....

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Hotdog is the Top Dog
In Category 1,
A deserving outright winner,
When the final count was done.

The lovely Caine does reign
In Category 2
Her photographs, just beautiful,
A story made to view ..

Well, Joker, he did XL
In Category 3,
A man of many talents
As it's very plain to see!

So raise your glasses everyone
And say 'Congratulations!'
In Hadley House the wine runs free
At the Moblog celebrations......

Congratulations to all the winners, Hotdog, Caine, Joker XL and Sprocket.... and all the Special Mentions: Spiderbaby, Viv, Nige, Monkey Finger, Gary/Jigalong and Bronxelf.

Big Thanks to Dhamaka (Organiser) and all her helpers ... A great competition ....

Oh yes, and don't forget to follow the lime for Heather's Story .....

seaneeboy says:

*Applause* Hehe - all announcements should be made this way!

1st Dec 2006, 10:56

540air says:

Terrific!! :D

1st Dec 2006, 10:58

MaggieD says:

Thanks Sean and 540 .... wish I had had the time to do it earlier ....

1st Dec 2006, 11:02

this is brilliant!

nice work MaggieD

1st Dec 2006, 11:05

MaggieD says:

Thank you, Sir Findo, you are most kind .....

1st Dec 2006, 11:58

paintist says:

very nice work....I look forward to fridays.. :-)

1st Dec 2006, 12:43

MaggieD says:

Thanks P, not sure how long I can keep it up .... things beginning to crank up for Christmas ....

1st Dec 2006, 13:04

maggie strikes again!

this one's especially good - it should go above the door of the restaurant or something!

1st Dec 2006, 13:20

Sprocket says:

Excellent work MsD - long may you reign!

1st Dec 2006, 17:06

MaggieD says:

Thanks guys .... Ah, Sprocket, your avatar has reminded me .......

1st Dec 2006, 17:15

Sprocket says:

. . . reminded you that you've got to pick up your cowboy hat from the dry cleaners . . ?

1st Dec 2006, 17:32

MaggieD says:

Nope, cowboy hat brushed up and ready to go .... just need to update my 'targets' ....

1st Dec 2006, 17:35

Sprocket says:

uh oh ! ! my spider sense is tingling !

1st Dec 2006, 17:37

MaggieD says:

stand easy there Sprocket .... you are safe (for the present) ... these are different targets ....

1st Dec 2006, 17:40

Sprocket says:

phew. I will be keeping a v low profile tomorrow anyway . . . just "lurking" in the shadows ;-)

1st Dec 2006, 17:41

MaggieD says:

Oh No, No, No ! .... you have just resurrected Kylie .... I am trying to work here .....

1st Dec 2006, 17:51

Sprocket says:

Kylie is always nearby.

1st Dec 2006, 18:00

Caine says:

Brilliant, Maggie! :D

1st Dec 2006, 18:14

MaggieD says:

Kylie is evil and should be banished to the outback .....

1st Dec 2006, 18:49

MaggieD says:

Thanks Caine ... it is a real shame you can't be there tomorrow .... but I am sure lots of pics will be taken (probably not by me!) so hope you will get the 'spirit 'of the day :-) .... we will be thinking of you .....

1st Dec 2006, 18:54

Caine says:

:) I'll be thinking of all of you too.

1st Dec 2006, 19:39

MaggieD says:

Have just checked the timings for tomorrow ... it will be very tight .... will have to make a bit of a mad dash ..... please don't look at my feet on arrival ... just concentrate above waist level .... will do a quick change in the toilets .....

1st Dec 2006, 20:24

Dhamaka says:

that's great Maggie - another Maggie Classic!

2nd Dec 2006, 23:51

Geodyne says:

I've not seen this 'till just now - this is just brilliant!

So good to see you tonight.

3rd Dec 2006, 00:34

nige says:

Maggie, you're brilliant. i loved meeting you today. it's just such a shame that you had to leave so early...never mind - dinner another time.

thanks for "filling me in" too :)

3rd Dec 2006, 00:36

MaggieD says:

Great meeting you all too .... sorry about the dashing off, but Dave was earlier than expected ....

3rd Dec 2006, 10:42

JokerXL says:

Lovely job there Maggie!
t'was an honour to meet you in person, you're very sweet.

3rd Dec 2006, 19:39

MaggieD says:

Thanks Joker .... though wicked seems to be the word when describing me .... thank you so much for your compilation pic ... it really did 'phase me' for a while ..... I am going to get it framed .... :-)

3rd Dec 2006, 19:44

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