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The theme of this Moblog competition is "I'll tell you a story...".

how to Vote and What to Do.

The prizes...
Five prize winners' entries will be printed and displayed on the walls of Hadley House in London, between December 2006 and February 2007.

They will also each get a bottle of Family Masciarelli's top range wines.

The best competition entries will also be included in the Exhibition Portfolio.

The categories...
There will be three categories of entry:

1 - Phonecam images with little or no manipulation
2 - Camera images with little or no manipulation
3 - Phonecam or Camera images with significant manipulation (don't forget this is a photographic competition)

To enter...
Send in a series of between 2 and 5 images that show your take on this quote, and when the competition closes, cast your votes to determine the winner. We'll tell you how and when later.

Send your entry to <">b> and don't forget to indicate which category it's for.

Competition closes Friday 24th November 2006.

Complete Rules and Conditions.

Help out...
Visit the Forum to find out how to help make this competition even better.

Thanks to...

Thanks also to:

George - Blue Eyes


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Congratulations!If your name is here and I've not contacted you in 20 minutes or so, please contact me through the contacts option on my blogWe're collecting shots of runners-up too. No guarantees, but it's just in case there are spaces we can show smaller versions of your images in the restaurant..

Posted by Dhamaka

27th Nov 2006, 10:33  

nige says:

surprised the 'elf didn't take at least one of the Cat's, but well done everyone! Hotdog was my overall winner - superb series.

27th Nov 2006, 10:36

Caine says:

OMG! I'm so tired, but I figured I'd best stay up just in case. D., what *size* pics are best emailed to you? Is a high res around 1000 pix X 1000 pix okay?

27th Nov 2006, 10:36

Euphro says:

Congratulations to all the winners! And well done the judges for doing such a good job of making what must have been very tough decisions :)

27th Nov 2006, 10:38

lou says:

congrats all. great comp - deserved winners. some really awesome shots. thanks so much to all involved for organising.

27th Nov 2006, 10:40

lou says:

hotdog - that was an exceptional series - so pleased you won

27th Nov 2006, 10:40

crickson says:

Well done to all the winners - this comp brought out the best photographer in a lot of people!

27th Nov 2006, 10:41

Caine says:

And CONGRATULATIONS to Hotdog, Sprocket and JokerXL! All those entries got our top votes.

27th Nov 2006, 10:48

Dhamaka says:

Way to go everyone - the bigger the image the better for sending to me

Please, guys, as soon as possible. We have only 3 days to get everything printed and up on the walls.

27th Nov 2006, 11:07

well done everyone!

that goes to all the winners, special mentions, and everyone who helped get this comp off the ground, i'm sure a lot of us don't realise how difficult it was, so thank you very much!

27th Nov 2006, 11:27

Gael NLI says:

Well done to everyone. I really hope I can make it on saturday to see the fruits of all yourhard work

27th Nov 2006, 11:29

mouse says:

Well done to all the winners and special mentions - I wouldn't argue with any of the decisions thats for sure.
Huge thanks to the organisers too

27th Nov 2006, 11:49

nige says:

really looking forward to seeing everyone at the weekend too. get yourself down there, Gael. we can talk film... :)

27th Nov 2006, 11:51

anonymous says:


27th Nov 2006, 11:56

Dhamaka says:

the exhibition will stay up for about 3 months Hotdog - and the food there is very nice (especially the deserts) so you might manage to see it another time

27th Nov 2006, 11:59

paintist says:

Congrats to everyone...I am so pleased for the winners...excellent choices every one :-) and well done Dhamaka, and everyone else who worked so hard to get it all together.....

27th Nov 2006, 12:04

Rich says:

Standing ovation to all the winners, there really were some stunners.

You can't see it, but I'm sticking both thumbs up right now.

27th Nov 2006, 12:41

what a cool fun competition and hearty congratulations to all the winners! Three cheers for Dhamaka for organising it and everyone who helped!

27th Nov 2006, 12:44

Dhamaka says:

thanks guys - and thank you everyone who helped - and are still helping - who include:

Bronxelf, Chris, Gael, Geodyne, George, Joe, JokerXL, MaggieD, Mandy, Nige, OJ, Sir Findo Gask, Sprocket, Strange Little Girl AKA Mrs540Air and Viv .... as well as Mat and Alfie for setting up the spreadsheet that helped me normalise the votes this morning and doing all the fiddly changes to the shared blog

27th Nov 2006, 12:51

paintist says:

Three cheers for all of was a great comp :-)

27th Nov 2006, 12:53

Alfie says:

COngrats to the winners, there were so many inspiring posts made, I think the voting system used was definitely the best way to go, choosing would have been nigh on impossible.

Dhamaka, you have done a stellar, stellar job with this, thank you for organising it and well done to everyone who helped in making it all a reality, yet another reason why I love moblogUK so dearly.

27th Nov 2006, 13:05

seaneeboy says:

Yay, congrats to all the winners!

27th Nov 2006, 13:07

seaneeboy says:

(And huge big props to dhamaka for working her socks off on it all!)

27th Nov 2006, 13:08

Dhamaka says:

thank you guys - but it's not over yet...

see y'all on Saturday!

27th Nov 2006, 13:41

Sprocket says:

Big hurrah to everyone that took part, and everyone still beavering away to make Saturday a success.

Can't wait to meet loads more bloggers on Sat :-)

27th Nov 2006, 14:17

Geodyne says:

Woo! Congratulations all! All very well deserved wins.

27th Nov 2006, 15:14

Dhamaka says:

Don't forget the Moblog Meet at the competitors' exhibition opening this Saturday - check the forums on;=0&postorder;=asc&start;=30

27th Nov 2006, 15:37

Dhamaka says:


27th Nov 2006, 16:09

JokerXL says:

Thanks to Dhamaka for your (ongoing) hard work with this, that goes for all the other MobLoggers involved in getting this going.

A great big fat "WhooooHaaaa!!" to all the winners and special mentions, but to everybody who entered; well done guys, there really was some fabulous stuff in there.
It's been great fun following it through these past couple of weeks.
See you all Friday/Saturday.

27th Nov 2006, 16:09

Tori says:

A very enjoyable contest concept to look through the entries on. I wish I had realized before today that there was wine involved in the prize, I might have entered ;)

Anyhow, I felt the need to go through all the pages yet again, after going through them all to rate for voting, in order to find the winners. I couldn't remember them all by title. Just thought somebody else might like direct links. I hope I didn't miss any of them.

Category One

Winter beach walk
Never forgotten . . .


Category Two

A Lifetime

There came this day
The Story of a Smile

Category Three

London wakes

The Separation:
There But for the Grace of God Go I....
about horses in the Pilbara
Fall Stories.

27th Nov 2006, 16:56

540air says:

Congratulations to all the winners, brilliant stuff all round :D

27th Nov 2006, 17:08

Dhamaka says:

thanks Tori - a good idea!

27th Nov 2006, 17:23

belated congrats to all - winners not soo winners and organisers hopefully see some of you at the weekend

27th Nov 2006, 23:02

Jigalong says:

Congrats to everyone involved. The imagewalls this site produces are amazing.

28th Nov 2006, 03:23

anonymous says:

Congratulations everyone......... nicely done Joker, you made every single category.

28th Nov 2006, 05:56

walla_walla says:

that was me by the way :)

28th Nov 2006, 05:57

Dhamaka says:

thanks George - will bear that in mind for the next project... :D

thanks all - and they are, aren't they Jigalong!

28th Nov 2006, 09:08

MaggieD says:

So sorry to be late to all this .... very busy week .... CONGRATULATIONS! to all the winners and special mentions .... and a big thank you (and hug) to Dhmaka, without whom none of this would have been possible .... and of course to everyone who helped out .... :-)

30th Nov 2006, 19:09

Uber Spy says:

A little late here but WELL DONE ALL!! So great to see so many talented folk on moblog - I had no idea! WTG! :)

2nd Dec 2006, 18:53

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