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by sallypnut

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Ain't it the truth.

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22nd Aug 2004, 04:01  

sallypnut says:

One would think.

22nd Aug 2004, 20:19

slinka says:

Do you carry your lunch in that? :)

25th Aug 2004, 04:41

Steve says:

Goblet tops. Goblet tops. Goblet tops.

14th Jul 2005, 18:46

GregErin says:

I'm sorry, but the only thing permitted to be carried around in this festive tin is syringes of penicillin!

14th Jul 2005, 18:48

sallypnut says:

Steve, I think I love you.

14th Jul 2005, 18:49

Steve says:

Thank you, your a bit special yourself!

Nice Box by the way :)

14th Jul 2005, 18:50

Steve says:

They are drums in front of them arnt they?

14th Jul 2005, 18:51

sallypnut says:

I think they're just marching.

Check out a larger version of the original WPA poster here

14th Jul 2005, 18:56

GregErin says:

I need to get this poster for my bathroom wall.

Me loves odd art.

14th Jul 2005, 19:01

Steve says:

Thanks, I love stuff from that era, (And I don't mean that I like sleeping with grannies)

14th Jul 2005, 19:01

GregErin says:


*takes grandmother out of box to send to Steve*

14th Jul 2005, 19:18

Steve says:

I only said that I didnt "Like" not that I wouldnt

14th Jul 2005, 19:26

GregErin says:

You're still pretty skeezoid in my book.

15th Jul 2005, 00:17

Steve says:

I will take that as an insult...... thanks

15th Jul 2005, 00:21

Steve says:

Thats me donep

15th Jul 2005, 00:24

GregErin says:

I try to be as insulting as possible. Let me know if I can help you in that department. Anytime, really.

15th Jul 2005, 16:14

Steve says:

Thanks x

16th Jul 2005, 02:14

Dude says:

but surely a condom would be better protection than a gas mask.

8th Jun 2008, 17:52