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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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Oh Alfreeeeeedoooo

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Come out and play-ay....


The madness begins anew!!! We who are about to ROCK salute you!
24th Nov 2006, 18:28   | tags:,,,

Rich says:

haha, well that's you sorted out for all eternity!

I hear they have Dethklok on the soundtrack. METAL.

Also: Sadly I think I've lost my AC cart. OK I hadn't played in months, but even still :(

24th Nov 2006, 18:47

kikuchan says:

Between this and FFXII, I shan't be leavinf my house except to work for some time...


Don't speak to me of AC - I'm scared to start it up again. They'll all be so ANGRY with me in my town :-(

24th Nov 2006, 19:31

Joe says:

\\m/ \\m/



24th Nov 2006, 19:57

Alfie says:

eeeeeeeeeeekk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sunday mayhaps?

24th Nov 2006, 20:13

kikuchan says:

I'm game if you are :-)

Two player mode is AWESOME btw.

Rose concurs.

My fingers hurt...

24th Nov 2006, 20:30

Alfie says:

wow. Ok, awesome, I am all game.

24th Nov 2006, 20:52

kikuchan says:

Aaaaaaawesome. Come over, we'll get some pizza from Papa Johns and ROCK OUT!

And maybe catch up on some TV. You up to date on Heroes/Studio 60 et al?

24th Nov 2006, 21:12

Rich says:

I heard on two player you get to play bass/rhythm/different instruments confirm/deny?

Oh and in AC the animals seem far less bitchy when you don't show up for ages, so don't be scared.

24th Nov 2006, 21:24

kikuchan says:

Lead, rythm and bass tracks are available. Adds a WHOLE other dimension. Rose and I make a great guitar section :-)

24th Nov 2006, 21:38


25th Nov 2006, 00:08

Alfie says:

I cant believe we're going to be able to rock out TOGETHER! Hella looking forward to this my dears.

25th Nov 2006, 11:07

A says:

30th Dec 2006, 15:09

A says:

oooh i can do pictures!!

30th Dec 2006, 15:09

kikuchan says:

Hahahahaha! Classic.

31st Dec 2006, 02:02