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sunday's jump added orange to the party:

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moblogUK still sorely in need of "jumpers"...
19th Nov 2006, 16:12   | tags:,,,

Euphro says:

I think that you might have a book in the making here. These are great!

19th Nov 2006, 16:13

nige says:

hehehe. thanks Euph.

19th Nov 2006, 16:15

Dhamaka says:

very sweet but they should have been limes :P

19th Nov 2006, 16:17

Geodyne says:

Brilliant series of shots...but I agree on the need for limes!

19th Nov 2006, 16:20

nige says:

you're spoiling the last day of my jump week already, and i'm only on day 4...

19th Nov 2006, 16:21

lizziepants says:

wow. far out.

19th Nov 2006, 16:21

nige says:


19th Nov 2006, 16:22

anonymous says:

You'm a very silly boy. For which relief, much thanks... ;)

19th Nov 2006, 16:45

mouse says:

What was the line that B.A. would say to Murdoch in the A-team?

19th Nov 2006, 16:47

MaggieD says:

Brilliant! .... love the way the orange in the third shot looks like it might well be your nose .... now if the other two had covered your ears .... we would have a perfect clown shot ....

19th Nov 2006, 18:17

Caine says:

Juggling Jumping Nige! Check Rick's blog...

19th Nov 2006, 19:59

Dhamaka says:

and Caines..

19th Nov 2006, 21:24

nige says:

thanks homies!

Maggie, i only put that last shot on there because of the orange nose! i liked it... :)

sadly i cannot juggle. i just jump...

"i aint gettin' on no plane, i aint gettin' on no plane!!!"

20th Nov 2006, 01:04

paintist says:

and no-one has called the mental asylum yet.....?

20th Nov 2006, 10:23

mad as a hatter :P

20th Nov 2006, 12:01

mouse says:

You know that wasn't the qoute I was referring to, you crazy fool

20th Nov 2006, 12:02

540air says:

That's quite a Dr. Who look there nige. Will there be tardis jumping to follow? ;)

Must do a jump pic at some point soon.

20th Nov 2006, 12:58

540air says:

Oooo, forgot. Congrats on the HL too!!

20th Nov 2006, 12:59

lou says:

what i wanna know is were you actually juggling or did you chuck em all up at the snap moment...!!?? pure genius either way!

20th Nov 2006, 13:17

Uber Spy says:

Your place in my circus is secure you loony. So great! :D

20th Nov 2006, 13:45

JokerXL says:

Some great "orange-on-the-nose" balancing going on there in #3 dude!

20th Nov 2006, 14:01

SaharaSB says:

well now your just showig off !!! :o)

brill ! right im off to shoot my jump!

20th Nov 2006, 14:27

Joe says:

I'm sorry I'm sorry....I WILL do one tonight.

20th Nov 2006, 14:34

mrs540air says:

the last shot looks like you have an orange for a nose!!

Oooh could you emal me via my blog re the competition. Thanks :-)

20th Nov 2006, 20:37

Helen says:

You're just copying Mog

20th Nov 2006, 21:08

nige says:

thanks for the highlight.

i was only looking at that pic of Mog the other day, Helen. now i know where my inspiration comes from :)

right, now i'm off in the tardis to join Uber_Spy at the circus and i'm bringing along my mates Mr. T and the Mad Hatter... Mrs540, i'll drop you an email on the way, but i have to stop off at Joe's first to make sure he does his jump. Sahara's been a good gal and done hers...

20th Nov 2006, 21:55

nige says:

lets see it ES. show us what the scottish moblog contingent can do ;)

20th Nov 2006, 22:12

Dhamaka says:

wtg on the hl..

20th Nov 2006, 22:32

nige says:

thanks ; )

20th Nov 2006, 23:04

Spiderbaby says:

Yay! What about Oranges and Lemons? lIke in the song.

20th Nov 2006, 23:46

nige says:

...and for my next trick... :P)

20th Nov 2006, 23:47

Spiderbaby says:

*waits* :)

21st Nov 2006, 00:09

hildegard says:

That's such a brill picture of the Mog. :) What :was: she doing?

21st Nov 2006, 00:13

beth says:

woo you've been busy.. hello again :)

21st Nov 2006, 09:04

nige says:

hey beth. haven't seen you in a while. y'alrighty?

21st Nov 2006, 09:16

beth says:

i'm good. ever so busy and tired though.. never enough time to properly catch up tsch.

23rd Nov 2006, 22:20

nige says:

shame you can't make the comp opening, but hey, some other time.

i need to get your book back to you too, actually.

23rd Nov 2006, 22:21