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On waking last Thursday I found that my little Square of Leeds had mysteriously been transported to Highbury

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Or maybe N5 just got a whole lot bigger. (I hope my rent didn't go up.)
17th Nov 2006, 23:32   | tags:,,,

chris says:

eh? what's going on there then?

18th Nov 2006, 00:17

Helen says:

ITV were filming. Three big lorries. Lots of crew people, too many to try and separate out any possible stars. It's apparently a drama (something about bad mothers?) set in Lancashire. That'll be Lancashire, Islington then?

The doorbell kept going just after 7:30am, it was a policeman trying to get people to move cars. I wouldn't mind but my car's an hour away in the Dales. It's a bit much to wake up on a morning when you're expected to turn up at work in Leeds at 8am, only to find you're unexpectedly in London and not only that, but you have to make it out into the wilds of the Dales to move your car at a policeman's request. It was all a bit much.

18th Nov 2006, 00:21

Helen says:

I ignored the policeman's request and upon walking around the corner, found myself back in Leeds. So I was alright getting to work. And the bin men came, I was worried that they might be disrupted.

18th Nov 2006, 00:25

540air says:

How odd. Lancashire Islington I know well, but disrupting bin men and parked cars an hour away? That's just not badminton now is it? :)

18th Nov 2006, 00:29

Helen says:

I think that the policeman really wanted our neighbour to move his car, but he wasn't in, so he kept buzzing us instead.

Like I know my neighbours.Pfft. (They're students.)

It seemed fairly well organised. I was quite impressed. I wouldn't want it to happen every day.

18th Nov 2006, 00:37

Viv says:


18th Nov 2006, 03:24

shaaaaark says:

Bloody students.

18th Nov 2006, 06:25

FilbertFox says:

what a disturbing morning

19th Nov 2006, 20:59

Steve says:

Your council tax will be through the roof!

22nd Nov 2006, 09:21