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rescued from it's recent fate as breeding tank for algae and congenitally deformed guppies, the biorb has had a good clean and been restocked with some fresh plants and a selection of two each silver, black lyetail, leopard and dalmatian mollies.

this picture, like almost every picture I take of fish, really doesn't show them to their best.
14th Nov 2006, 12:50   | tags:

paintist says:

does it have enough oxygen?

14th Nov 2006, 12:51

mat says:

should do. that tank has supported bigger populations in the past. the airstone could have done with replacing, tbh, but by the time I found that out, it was a bit late. Next time.

14th Nov 2006, 12:54

paintist says:

of all the pets I have had and cared for, fish worry me the most, I was never very sure they were happy, not like dogs/tails , cats/purring etc....

14th Nov 2006, 12:58

Dhamaka says:

it looks rather nice to me

14th Nov 2006, 13:06

Rich says:

Wow, it's so shiny and clean

14th Nov 2006, 13:23

mat says:

spotlessly so. I stripped it right down and cleaned everything. I'd forgotten how ace this tank looks when it's clean and tidy. Eight new livebearing fish to keep the remaining, ill-looking, guppy company too.

Clare just showed up and offered us some more mollies she has spare. I think they'll have to go in Mart's tank.

14th Nov 2006, 13:27

Rich says:

I think we should mount a rescue mission on Al's fishtank, those poor bastards are going to die of neglect while he's poncing around with his fancy new house.

14th Nov 2006, 14:09

hildegard says:

Do it. Fish have far longer memories & far more capacity to suffer than most people imagine. I've turned up at people's houses & cleaned their tanks before now. There's always a way to make them think it was their idea... ;)

14th Nov 2006, 14:28

Gael says:

flippin' fish just won't sit still and pose like other pets, will they?

14th Nov 2006, 17:17

pandairo says:

this reminds me; need to sort our biorb out asap

14th Nov 2006, 17:40

Anonymous says:

hmmm, i dont like biorbs. i used to really want 1 until i found out at my animal management college that fish bowls are bad for fish because all they can do is swim round and round in a circle. they arent free to do anything else as there isnt much space. biorbs are just like fish bowls..
a rectangle shaped fish tank is better. longer than is wide so they can swim more :)

28th May 2009, 15:57