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My Paul 'street fighter' pic plus others-Wembley

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Here is the kinda cool pic I took of Paul and it looks
like he has a ball of light in his hand....! (At Wembley)Send instant messages to your online friends


by ducky
13th Nov 2006, 19:09  

ducky says:¤t;=MOV03060.flv
Thats a vid from Limassol where Paul let out this hilarious scream.

13th Nov 2006, 19:11

Bound says:

Aw, you've made me almost as happy as Paul's new diary entry did yesterday! Thank you! Hadooooken!

13th Nov 2006, 19:23

clara says:

Excellent that first pic.Very clever,you should win a prize,Ducky.I like Paul's expression in it!

13th Nov 2006, 19:37

char says:

I can't see that just keeps asking me to sign in as "crazyduckette" booo Xx

13th Nov 2006, 19:47

clara says:

Have you logged in on the site,Char?I had trouble with a link recently and it turned out I mailed customer services and they gave me a new complete link as the old one wasn't complete.

13th Nov 2006, 19:55

Bound says:

@Clara: Hey...I get the Newsnight thing now! Me so slow... I really want to draw a StreetFighter II Paul Smith now... But I'm so lacking in creativity. :(

13th Nov 2006, 19:55

clara says:

No you're not,you just need a boost-up,yes,draw a Paul StreetFighter,but be kind...

13th Nov 2006, 19:58

Bound says:

Am I ever anything else? I love the lad. Dude, most Paul- appropriate Scrubs quote ever
'You seem like the kind of sensitive young buck who likes to chronicle his thoughts and feelings'
That had nothing to do with anything...but it's so appropriate...

13th Nov 2006, 20:10

clara says:

Yes,that's just perfect to describe Paul!I would really like to see him on a serious TV prog like Newsnight,you know.Or another discussion programme.Or an arts one on Channel 4.

13th Nov 2006, 20:15

Bound says:

He should be one of the icons on the Culture Show :D..unlikely, I know, but far more worthy than Prang-tastic Ms Moss, or Vivian Bloody Westwood.

13th Nov 2006, 20:19

clara says:

Quite!What do you think of Kate Moss,Bound?

13th Nov 2006, 20:21

Bound says:

She's a mother, isn't she? So, bloody well act like one. I'm not going to get into whether or not I think she's attractive (I don't), but how old is she for Chrissakes? Old enough to know better. Moreover, she's proof that as long as the media think you're 'cool' you can do no wrong, and there is no such thing as bad publicity. Unless you're an MP. I have no problem with her as such, but her as an Icon? Pfft, I say. Pfft.

13th Nov 2006, 20:26

clara says:

You don't have to answer that.

13th Nov 2006, 20:26

clara says:

Oh you have!I do agree about the icon thing.I saw her once in the Kings'Road a few years ago before she got really famous.I didn't think she was all that attractive really.What happened to feminine women?

13th Nov 2006, 20:28

Bound says:

Like lovely Kate Jackson. She's lovely.

13th Nov 2006, 20:29

clara says:

She's beautiful,and very chic.The next female icon,I reckon.What's your opinion,Char?

13th Nov 2006, 20:31

char says:

Well...I think Kate Moss is great. I completely understand why people don't like her though, because you know she IS a mother and she was doing coke and now she's marrying the scrag that is Pete Docherty BUT she's gorgeous I think. I dunno, one of those people who I know is a "bad role model" but I love her. But then you can see what kind of women I like, I did say before that Peaches Geldof was a legend. I stand by that. Who else is cool....*thinking* Xx

13th Nov 2006, 20:39

Bound says:

Did you find that thing, Char? On t' forum?

13th Nov 2006, 20:41

Bound says:

@Char: Someone's got to love the shoplifters and coke heads. You're like a celeb Care in The Community scheme. :D Joking XX

13th Nov 2006, 20:42

char says:

@bound, the last comment made me laugh a lot! not found the thing yet...although, I havent actually looked. Will have a try now. Xx

13th Nov 2006, 20:43

Bound says:

Hee hee. I think you'll just find I'm a bitter bitch. I'm old and jaded. :D

13th Nov 2006, 20:44

clara says:

Celeb Care in The Community Scheme-classic!!

13th Nov 2006, 20:48

clara says:

I'd really like to see some more of Paul's artwork on here.

13th Nov 2006, 20:51

Bound says:

I bet Paul would like to see more of my artwork on here. No, I bet he didn't actually see all the semi-offensive manga classics I've posted on here... I love his art though. I thought it was so sweet when you asked him to post a pic and he did, that view from the window. And he signed my German
Skizzenbook-y thingy. What a hero.

13th Nov 2006, 20:58

char says:

@bound, I couldnt find it. losing the will to live so giving up. Am downloading the a video of the performance I think but I couldn't find a link to the interview. It's ok, I'll live I suspect.
@clara, y'mean photos or art art? What is his art like? Didn't he and another member of the band sell some a while ago? Who was it? Xx

13th Nov 2006, 20:59

clara says:

@bound-yes I remember that window sketch well.He's such a kindhearted chap.
@char-I mean art art.

13th Nov 2006, 21:06

char says:

hoorah! It was the interview! I laughed a lot! Should have let Lukas talk more though...he's clearly funnier. C'mon guys, how can you NOT like Colin Murray? Xx

13th Nov 2006, 21:12

char says:

my God. Paul's voice is flawless in that performance. Xx

13th Nov 2006, 21:16

clara says:

@char-he's a bit of a wally,come on.All that obvious questioning-
"how do you relax after a show".
Paul's face was a picture...

13th Nov 2006, 21:18

char says:

I like him! Does Paul listen to himself when he talks?! But yeh his face was class when Colin started with the homoerotic stuff. Xx

13th Nov 2006, 21:21

clara says:

I don't think he'd ever heard the likes of it.Yes he's got a great speaking voice,I agree.
Colin Murray does the football commentary on Channel 5 now.

13th Nov 2006, 21:23

clara says:

I'll have to sign off now,folks.See you tomorrow,I guess.

13th Nov 2006, 21:35

outofvision says:

"I thought it was so sweet when you asked him to post a pic and he did, that view from the window" what? when? here on the moblog? i missed out on something AGAIN, i'm such a loser! i'll just take that i'm german as my excuse for being lame and slow! haa.
i love the interview! "we have our methods.." hee hee. funny.

@bound: you got the sketchbook? wow!!! that's so cool!!! :D

oh, and by the way: looove the first picture, so cool!

13th Nov 2006, 21:53

heArtbeAt says:

Haha! Excellent first pic! I loved playing Street fighter back in the 90's =D

13th Nov 2006, 22:18

clara says:

@Hella-yes,look back a few pages,you'll see a sketch Paul did out of his kitchen window.That was before you joined on here,I guess.

14th Nov 2006, 10:40

outofvision says:

@clara: hmm i've already looked at all the 27857 pages of the moblog some time ago.. well, i'll look out for it again!

14th Nov 2006, 13:08

petey says:

hi all i have a mate who told me that the park would be on this series of the culture show i have been watching and it hasnt been shown so far so you girls havent missed it if i get any more info i`ll be back

14th Nov 2006, 15:50

clara says:

Thanks a million,Petey!I hope your mate's got his info correct.

14th Nov 2006, 16:04

petey says:

sorry should have added hes a runner for the beeb

14th Nov 2006, 16:41

anonymous says:

oopppsss hope i havent got him in trouble

14th Nov 2006, 16:42

outofvision says:

@clara: i found that sketch! by the way..

14th Nov 2006, 21:22

clara says:

@outofvision-great!I got your MySpace message.Speak later on here.

15th Nov 2006, 11:20

char says:

ok, either I've been kicked out of the forum...or it's not working. And there are lots of new posts in there so I'm thinking I've been kicked out. Which sucks hard. Xx

15th Nov 2006, 21:02

anonymous says:

Kicked out?How do you mean,Char?

15th Nov 2006, 21:04

char says:

It won't let me sign in. I don't mind telling you that the fact that you're "anon" makes me think it was you who kicked me out.

15th Nov 2006, 21:27

clara says:

That was me,Char!not anon-I just realised that I needed to relogin as my old login has expired and I was posting as anonymous!Nothing to do with your demise on the Forum!!

15th Nov 2006, 21:30

clara says:

By that I mean my name was showing up as anonymous on here!

15th Nov 2006, 21:32

char says:

haha! I gets ya, sorry for being paranoid. Yeah it won't let me sign in...booo. It's probably a good thing. Xx

15th Nov 2006, 22:37

char says:

ok, its working now. sorry. must stop being such a drama queen. Xx

15th Nov 2006, 22:38