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10th Nov 2006, 15:22   | tags:,,

Gael says:

very nice, prefer the top one.
. I've been watching too many B&W; films, I feel like I'm wearing grey tinted glasses : )

10th Nov 2006, 15:39

MaggieD says:

I like that top shot too ....

10th Nov 2006, 16:15

nige says:

it's the reflection i like in that one too. blurry...

10th Nov 2006, 16:25

nige says:


there is! just a snitch of a reflection...

10th Nov 2006, 16:40

nige says:

plenty of rats in the underground, i tell thee...hehe.

10th Nov 2006, 16:42

Steve says:


10th Nov 2006, 16:43

nige says:

cheers Steve.

10th Nov 2006, 16:49

Tori says:

I like them.

10th Nov 2006, 16:53

nige says:

aww fanks Tori!

10th Nov 2006, 18:08

Si says:

I don't gey it, where's Mary Poppins to, teh old magic maker?!

10th Nov 2006, 18:10

Dhamaka says:

I don't think she gets up that early / commutes that late

10th Nov 2006, 18:42

nige says:

Si! how's it going dude? i think Mary's stepping in time...

10th Nov 2006, 18:54

Caine says:

Great shots, Nige. I really like them, the top one especially.

10th Nov 2006, 20:24

nige says:

:P thanks Caine. how are ya?

10th Nov 2006, 20:55

Caine says:

Hangin' in there. Taking lots of pics, business as usual. :D

10th Nov 2006, 21:33

nige says:

good for you :D

10th Nov 2006, 21:37

hildegard says:

Nice one, well, three... good stop sign. :)

10th Nov 2006, 21:48

nige says:

hehe. cheers hildegard.

10th Nov 2006, 22:11

JokerXL says:

Classics Nige!
Love the wee splashes of colour.

10th Nov 2006, 22:30

Viv says:

yes - very effective

11th Nov 2006, 00:22

nige says:

thanks you two. wasn't sure if i should leave in the colour, but i thought "what the hey..."

11th Nov 2006, 09:04

DocD says:

Da underground is profound...

11th Nov 2006, 10:17

mrs540NLI says:

oh well have to be dufferent but I actually like the second one, but they are all very good :-)

11th Nov 2006, 13:49

nige says:

indeed Doc...

thanks mrs ;)

11th Nov 2006, 19:06

taniwha says:

captures the whirl of the underground very well. Y'know Nige, when I first arrived in teh UK I was absolutey stunned, impressed and a little overwhelmed by the underground. I felt like a little yokel in a huge urban maze ... I even had dreams about the underground at night. These pictures capture some of that.

13th Nov 2006, 13:59

Rick says:

From rural ND, those look like alien space pod shots. ;D Cool shots, Nige.

16th Nov 2006, 01:20

Euphro says:

Marvellous! I love these :)

16th Nov 2006, 15:49

nige says:

thanks guys :)

16th Nov 2006, 16:02