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Hats & Snacks!

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Cola and me playing dressing-up at V&D; in Arnhem.
V&D; is a huge department store. They have a fantastic restaurant on the top floor. We often go up there for a bite between shops. This is two Irish coffees made up of about 50/50 coffee & Jamesons, a prawn salad and a terryaki salmon sandwich.
They make everything "in house", including the bread, in a big open kitchen.


MaggieD says:

*waves to Joker and Cola in silly hats* ... *drools over their choice of lunch* .....*wipes away drool before it hits the table* ......phew .....

5th Nov 2006, 18:07

Spiderbaby says:

Oh very nice! They suit you both very well :)
*goes to find leaves to stick onto hats...*

5th Nov 2006, 18:08

paintist says:

* waves distracts them by pointing to something 'over there' and snaffles the coffees.....yum

5th Nov 2006, 18:08

Looking sharp Mr & Mrs JXL

5th Nov 2006, 18:26

Caine says:

Love your hats! And the food...oh my. Delicious looking. Hungry now.

5th Nov 2006, 19:19

toadrunner (blog-at-chriscoates-dot-com) says:

Aha - So you too have discovered the closely guarded secreat of the V&D; Irish coffees.
I couldn't believe how much Jamesons they put in them the first time I tried them.
keep quiet Joker or everyone'll want one.

6th Nov 2006, 06:44

paddington says:

No Shamrocks on the hats?
Is it Paddies day in Canada?

6th Nov 2006, 10:10

paddington says:

Or, 'A fine mess you've got me into Stanley '

6th Nov 2006, 10:15

Viv says:

fun & food - great

lokk good too

7th Nov 2006, 17:22

JokerXL says:

There you go again Paddington, so oblique it took me a whole day of head-scratching to work out what on earth you were on about.

8th Nov 2006, 20:02

paddington says:

"Paddington the obscure"

9th Nov 2006, 03:16