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and now with pretty pink jumper with heart detail and matching leg warmers ( i resisted the matching scarf with puff balls on the ends )
2nd Nov 2006, 16:05   | tags:,,,

leg warmers? this is getting ridiculous ;p

2nd Nov 2006, 16:09

paintist says:

have you shown him in the mirror.......

2nd Nov 2006, 16:13

he's a dog - he'd think "that dog's got a ridiculous jumper on. thank heavens i don't"

2nd Nov 2006, 16:15

paintist says:

elephants can recognise themselves...dogs are smarter than elephants......

2nd Nov 2006, 16:21

no way. elephants can't either, its a myth.

there is an orang-u-tan somewhere taht can though. i seen her on telly.

2nd Nov 2006, 16:21

paintist says:

2nd Nov 2006, 16:24

oh, ok then.

i still maintain that dogs can't. to quote the article: "The ability to distinguish oneself from others had been shown only in humans, chimpanzees and, to a limited extent, dolphins."

see? ;p

2nd Nov 2006, 16:32

SaharaSB says:

dont think dogs can either...
my two often look away when in front of mirrors but not sure if thats to do with disapproval of outfits or colour schemes?
anyway, I'm convinced pono likes her new jumper!

2nd Nov 2006, 16:39

well you have a fan in paintist as sh eoftern dresses beezer and dido up in loads of lovely fetching outfits !
the parker and duffle coat are my faves?:)

2nd Nov 2006, 16:41

Ben says:

Is Pepper not jealous, or has she got new jumper too!?

2nd Nov 2006, 16:54

SaharaSB says:

Pepper doesn't like jumpers (she got leg warmers) and she thinks Pono looks like a n*b :)

2nd Nov 2006, 16:57

Puddlepuff says:

Oh my,....

2nd Nov 2006, 17:06

Sprocket says:

leg warmers . . . ? oh dear oh dear oh dear

2nd Nov 2006, 17:07

MaggieD says:


2nd Nov 2006, 17:39

SaharaSB says:


2nd Nov 2006, 18:02

hildegard says:

Leg warmers! Oh Pono! What every well-dressed Westie is wearing... :)

2nd Nov 2006, 20:36

SaharaSB says:

aw thanks ! :)

3rd Nov 2006, 09:41

do we get to see the leg warmers?

3rd Nov 2006, 10:20

SaharaSB says:

bmal - you can just about see them on her back leg in this shot... :)

4th Nov 2006, 12:51

A dog's "winter coat" grows on its back

4th Nov 2006, 13:22

nige says:


4th Nov 2006, 13:23