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Welcome to Ronan Keating's moblog!

If you want to see what goes on behind the scenes in a day in the life of Ronan Keating then you've come to the right place. Ronan is taking his camera phone on the road with him and will be sending in snaps direct to this page as often as he can, so make sure you check back regularly…

You can post comments on each photo uploaded by clicking on the image to see a larger version and scrolling to the bottom of the page to submit your comment.

What's more you can also upload your own pictures of Ronan or of you with Ronan to this page! All you need is to have your pictures stored on a digital camera or phone, and we'll be picking the best ones to go in the gallery on Ronan's official website. So what are you waiting for? - Share your shots! Instructions below....


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Ronan uses the Sony Ericsson K750i Phone to moblog.

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Ronan in South Africa

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Ronan will be heading out to South Africa next week. Here are a couple of
shots from his last visit two years ago.
2nd Nov 2006, 05:20  

susan says:

ha ha ha luvly pics ro but sorry u just dont do shorts good!!!

susan x

2nd Nov 2006, 07:52

Nan says:

Nice pics ,Ronan :-D

2nd Nov 2006, 08:20

Sabine says:

thanks ;-) lovely pics.........

2nd Nov 2006, 08:47

Karen says:

I hope you enjoy yourself in sunny in SA. Good luck too for your 4 concerts there, I'm sure you will be the best on the bill!!!!, Be sure to send us some more pictures!!

2nd Nov 2006, 11:37

Corinne says:

Sexy legs.....

2nd Nov 2006, 12:57

Laura B says:

sexy legs indeed lol, im tellin ya its all that walkin thats made them like that. enjoy south africa, ive never been so im entitled to call you a lucky git! life isn't a dress rehearsah so live it to the full ronan. post us pics of ur sexy self when you stop to come up for air. xxx

2nd Nov 2006, 16:22

annie(annmarietreacy-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

hey ro looking good well iwish you the best for africa next week and good luck with the mkf ball on saturday annie

2nd Nov 2006, 17:26

gaby says:

ronan you are so sexy.... lol It ´s good to see you againg... plese if someone knows if he is comisg to america... let me know when.... PLEASE!!!!

2nd Nov 2006, 17:40

r says:

ronan is at the moment in africa??

2nd Nov 2006, 18:40

Louise says:

Nice pics!!!

3rd Nov 2006, 09:25

mandie says:

Great pics. ;-)

Enjoy South Africa.


3rd Nov 2006, 17:16

Jenny says:

great pics and nice legs Ronan

3rd Nov 2006, 20:03

Michaela (michaela-dot-stoeckelmann-at-ewetel-dot-net) says:

I have seen you in Frankfurt yesterday. It was a great show . We had a lot of fun.
Thank you.

Please tell me, when do you start a Tour in Germany.

5th Nov 2006, 16:54

leah says:

aww looks reli hottt

5th Nov 2006, 17:09

Anna(www-dot-eternallyboyzone-dot-splinder-dot-com) says:

Hope you enjoy your trip,let us know about what's going on there,ok? ;)

7th Nov 2006, 08:42

mali(atozuka4715-at-naver-dot-com) says:

Great pics. Have a nice trip!

7th Nov 2006, 15:21

Deborah says:

all the best ro, cant wait to see you again x x x

9th Nov 2006, 08:55

mitchell glyn(glyn_91-at-yahoo-dot-es) says:

nice pictures ronan!.lets see if you come to madrid one night.we¨re desperate to hear you sing in spain

21st Nov 2006, 16:56

mitchell glyn(glyn_91-at-yahoo-dot-es) says:

have you ever been to madrid?.i have been your fan since i was 5 and that was 10 years were the best of boyzone and know your even better.congratulations

21st Nov 2006, 17:02

Sadaf Ali(sadaf_ronan-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-in) says:

while the world is going crazy while the sky is falling down
one thing you can depend on i will always be around
while the rain outside is pouring i will make the sun shine through
while the world is going crazy you can count on me cause i'll be loving you cause i'll be loving you...

23rd Nov 2006, 09:03

Mirabella says:

love you always Ro
You are the best

8th Dec 2006, 03:26

dan1984d says:

good luck ro 4 the marathon sure u'll do great all the best keep up the good work

26th Mar 2007, 11:26

Zoe Isabelle Ellen Grace(Zoe_ronankeating-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Hello Ronan, How are are my favourite.I have followed your success with Boyzone and your success on your own.i ahve every album, picture,poster and every single. please email the tour dates for 2008.

Hope you do more new albums.

love Zoe Isabelle Ellen Grace

3rd Aug 2007, 12:16