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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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PLEASE HELP!!! Sign the petition!!!

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Sign our petition PLEASE!!!


OK done that, what next?

30th Oct 2006, 11:19

Steph says:

You could add us to your myspace


Put us in your TOP friends forward the petition to EVERYONE you know...


30th Oct 2006, 11:23

goonflower says:

Tis done! Of course you have to approve Dr Moody before he can add you as a top friend!!

30th Oct 2006, 12:23

goonflower says:

You're quick!!! Done all that and forwarded the email. Keep us posted.

30th Oct 2006, 12:41

Steph says:

QUICK I know...

...the more people we get in the shortest space of time possible more people will HAVE to pay attention!!!.

30th Oct 2006, 12:43

spongevid says:

done both!! will pass the info round to people back in wolves for you! :-)

30th Oct 2006, 12:45

My life is so sad, all 4, yes 4 of my MySpace friends were all online at the same time this morning.

I gave a little whoop...

30th Oct 2006, 12:46

Steph says:

Thank you all....I/we need all the support we can get!!!

30th Oct 2006, 12:56

Steph says:

In fact at...

there is a downloadable petition that if anyone really wanted to print it out to take it to their work places universities to sign. You could email me and I'd send you my address to post the pages too??

30th Oct 2006, 13:02

i have signed it! :) hope it helps!

30th Oct 2006, 13:05

Steph says:


30th Oct 2006, 17:14

hildegard says:

Hm, no... wrong boundary... he won't do... am looking for someone you could bite.

30th Oct 2006, 21:09

Steph says:

Hmmm...I'm not "allowed" to ask anything until after Tues when the proposal has gone before a scrutiny board BUT by god once its all gone officail none of the local councillors are going to know what's hit them....

...I'm not the only parent furious at this decision, I'm campaigning on line...building a website, starting a petition and so on...some of the other moms and dads are ready to camp out on the school field to stop it happening!!!

The first "meeting" we had the first speaker got jeered off stage and the local know it all councillor ended up giving his speech on the playground because no one wanted to listen to political bull...we just want answers that NO ONE is prepared to give us!!


30th Oct 2006, 21:25

taniwha says:

Why is it being closed?

30th Oct 2006, 21:50

Steph says:

Short version..
basically a fall in roll, the numbers of children of school age in the area.

Long version is for no reason,,,there are other options available and were trying to kick the councillors asses into looking into them...closure is the easy option for the government...however its teh hardest line for the puils and staff especially those with MLD...

Ours is the ONLY school in the area with a special needs recource department.

there are other reasons for and against closure...we're currently redesigning the website at

and in the meant ime have taken over a local politicians forum at href="" target="_blank">

These websites go into it in more detail!

30th Oct 2006, 21:57

MaggieD says:

Have signed .... and wishing you luck (not that luck should have anything to do with it) ....

30th Oct 2006, 22:43