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No longer in SW london. Still living with DD and Twiglet.

Surrounded by parrots.

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Thanks for the highlight.

I thought this was good but I didn't know it was that good.

29th Oct 2006, 20:14

Dhamaka says:

sad and beautiful
and welcome to moblogUK! I suspect that you know all about us already and see that you've already blogged DD..

29th Oct 2006, 20:27

great photo, it's the light on the wings does it

29th Oct 2006, 20:42

Spiderbaby says:

Lovely detail + soon to be a rare sight :( for a while at least

29th Oct 2006, 20:48

Yup DD had to be the first thing blogged realy. I would only get in trouble if I did it differently.

Oh and I am aware of some here!

I think I was lucky with the day and the photo. Parabolichobo

Aye they will be gone for the winter soon spiderbaby, but if you miss them you can always have a peek at mine.

29th Oct 2006, 21:05

MaggieD says:

Congrats on the HL .... agree with Parabolichobo ... it's the light on the wings that make it ....

29th Oct 2006, 21:47

*Faints with pride*

29th Oct 2006, 22:05

Spiderbaby says:

Cheers! Always good to know where they can be found :)

29th Oct 2006, 23:33

Viv says:


30th Oct 2006, 17:39

mouseninja says:

ooohhh... i love dragonflies. they're just so graceful and majestic :)

and congrats on the HL. well deserved :)

30th Oct 2006, 18:25