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X-ray vision

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Our dog ruptured a ligament in his knee in August and now it looks like
he'll need surgery on it. We're so worried but we've found a good doctor and have
an appointment to see him next week. Hopefully he can put him back together
24th Oct 2006, 00:49   | tags:,,,


hildegard says:

Great pics, poor daft dog. :(
Hope treatment goes well...
Difficulty is persuading dogs to do the 'staying still & letting things heal' bit - my mate's Border Collie is on caged rest due to a partial ACL rupture. They are considering asking the vet to sedate the nutter. ;)

24th Oct 2006, 02:18

silar31 says:

Poor Rusty! Joint problems seem to be the bane of Goldens, unfortunately, especially the big fellows. The good news though is that the surgery is fairly straightforward and has a good chance for 100% success. A friend who rescues Bichons Frises had to have one of her little guys done - and both back legs at the same time. Now he bounces around like nothing ever happened.

You might think about joining the e-mail list Sharon. I've been on it since well before Mom & Dad adopted Gracie - Mom hasn't got e-mail yet so I'm kind of their go-between until they get set up. Lots of very nice Golden owners on that list.

24th Oct 2006, 06:23

goonflower says:

Poor little (well, huge) Russ! :( Sending biiiig cuddles to the fool. What was he doing, chasing an arrogant leaf or something?

Groovy x ray pics though.

24th Oct 2006, 09:24

poor doggie! :( hope the doctor can put him back together again.

on the other hand they are cool pics

24th Oct 2006, 09:58

Thanks for the support everyone. I'll certainly check out the Yahoo group. I found one for ACL, but one specifically for goldens would be even better so thanks for the tip silar! Rusty is indeed a big fellow. At 108 pounds (about 7 1/2 stone) he is pretty rough on his knees so all it took was prancing about in the garden (yes, probably chasing a leaf!) to do it. He is a 'spirited' young thing so he should be alright, but that also means we might be needing sedatives too! I just hope they can do the operation soon so we can get it over with. Hope your mate's border collie is okay hildegard.

24th Oct 2006, 14:00

jazz says:

Great images - how were they done?

24th Oct 2006, 18:04

Well, since I don't have an x-ray light I held the images over my 'Mood Wave 100'! It's a multi-coloured light that looks sort of like a miniature Coldplay video! Here's a link:

24th Oct 2006, 18:55

paintist says:

its a great effect....

24th Oct 2006, 19:06