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Welcome to Seth Lakeman's moblog... This is the place to see all the Seth pictures / videos that you guys have sent in. You can easily post to this group via the web by simply joining, and more easily keep up to date with Seth's moblog updates. Send us text, pictures and videos by SMS or MMS to: 07786201241 with the keyword seth at the start of the message, or by email to:


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Seth and Chloe at Plymouth uni...see who got to keep his bow!!_

posted by catflang
22nd Oct 2006, 10:34  

Laura says:

Awwww good on ya chlo,lovely pic to you lucky lady!!!!

22nd Oct 2006, 11:11

Ruth says:

Hey, Chloe! That's a great pic - you can't beat a hug from the lovely Mr Lakeman, lucky you! xxx

22nd Oct 2006, 21:35

Ruth says:

PS That's a 10 out of 10 from me x

22nd Oct 2006, 21:36

Chloe says:

See that cheeky grin,.. gotta love it!! I think he was trying to steal his bow back!!! That was the happiest i had been in a long while...doesnt look it tho, my face doesnt smile!! lol

22nd Oct 2006, 22:15

Suzanne says:

'Maybe if I dazzle her with my grin I can steal my bow back'

Great picture! I'm so jealous!

22nd Oct 2006, 22:24

Chloe says:

He was just like ' oh it was you that got the bow, let me have the cd then *sign sign sign*(enjoy the bow, thanks Seth x)'
Me:'Can we get a photo?'
Seth:' Sure, put the bow in the front!!'

23rd Oct 2006, 10:31

Janie(janegrasse-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Great photo Chloe. I'm not surprised the string went - what a great gig! Wish I could have stayed after - *goes jealous shade of green*

23rd Oct 2006, 12:01

Suzanne says:

*goes even greener*
You take delight in making me jealous don't ya chloe :D
'We couldn't have been any closer'
ho humm well enjoy the bow but be careful because..someone..ahem might steal it.

23rd Oct 2006, 17:23

midlife says:

Sweet and cute

24th Oct 2006, 05:44

Cressida says:

Wasn't he just the sweetest guy ever to you Chloe! What a lovely chap. That's such a nice pic of you both as well.

24th Oct 2006, 11:35

Chloe says:

Cressi u noticed too!! lol he is sooo nice to small people, i think he knows how it feels!!
C u at the Exeter gig!!
Chloe xxx

24th Oct 2006, 12:05

The WIld Witch says:

This is a lovely photo and it was very sweet of him to let you have the bow. Bet you have not stopped smiling yet :)

24th Oct 2006, 15:11

Laura says:

What have u done with it now its safe at home?

25th Oct 2006, 11:47

Chloe says:

Not telling...may get nicked lol

25th Oct 2006, 12:15

Laura says:

Sensible girl!!

29th Oct 2006, 17:07