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New York. Day 6.

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Like all good things, this epic mini-series must come to a close. Preferably leaving you wanting more. But, like many good things, such as Red Dwarf, Die Hard, or Police Academy, shark's moblog is going to run this New York thing into the ground to a soundtrack of naked orphans' tears hitting the lead- painted railings of their torture cage.

Day 6 didn't have any major plans, other than a spot of shopping and a general mooch. Actually, that's a lie. I had planned to got to the NYC Transit Museum -- but overslept and subsequently developed a hangover, no doubt a result of Day 5's beer, steak, and football evening. So it became a day of shopping and having a general mooch.

Fifth Avenue was the first port of call. Needed to return to a certain shop at 59th and 5th in order to swap a mini-VGA to VGA adapter for a mini-DVI to VGA adapter. Nearly a big whoopsy on my part, that one. They seemed to be recording something either tele-visual or filmic on Fifth. It's a big star that warrants a trailer that big, and with not one -- but two -- satellite dishes, each looking at the same orbital location from down on the sidewalk.

Walked a bit further down Fifth, saw a taxi driver surveying the damage to his vehicle. No doubt incurred when he slammed into the back of the big van you can see at the left of the picture. For some inexplicable reason, I also took a photo of a Verizon solar panel. It might be possible to make it look half-reasonably composed with a bit of cropping.Following Sunday's ill-fated attempts at seeing the inside of Chrysler, took another saunter down there and had a bit of a look around and took a few snaps on the proper camera. With the exception of Starbucks, everywhere in New York seems to be universally happy for you to mooch around and take photographs. A welcome surprise, particularly compared with the anal retentives you find occupying security roles (and the twunts making the rules) in London.

Time to go home, and the E train up towards Jamaica Center and a transfer onto the AirTrain-JFK. Once at the airport, take advantage of one of the club lounge's wifi access points without paying or having a first class ticket. While drinking a crazily big Coke. Drop Passport in Duty Free. Cue much hilarity when it comes to going through security, the ensuing hurried retracing of my steps, getting to the gate rather late, to be then told by a hilarious little scrote that "the flight's closed! hahaha only joking mate."

I could have hit him.

It's all very well having signs that say, "We understand travelling can be a stressful experience. But please don't take it out on our staff." if the staff in question didn't act like pricks.

A couple of shots of the plane that brought me back -- again, late -- one of which shows one of the four giant Rolls-Royce Trent 500 engines.

And that's it. We'll do it all again in March, though. See you then.

swamprose says:

well, I'm just exhausted reading everything. sounds like a great trip. loved your views on things.

21st Oct 2006, 20:27

Rhys says:

There 'subway' trains look a lot wider than London's.
Looks like your having a great time.

21st Oct 2006, 21:21