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Welcome to Seth Lakeman's moblog... This is the place to see all the Seth pictures / videos that you guys have sent in. You can easily post to this group via the web by simply joining, and more easily keep up to date with Seth's moblog updates. Send us text, pictures and videos by SMS or MMS to: 07786201241 with the keyword seth at the start of the message, or by email to:


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Photos from the Scala gig 17.10.06

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Carmen x
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by ckmw
18th Oct 2006, 22:52  

Cressida says:

And YET AGAIN you prove a most excellent photographer, Carmen. Kudos!!

Third from the bottom and he's playing the fiddle with a Portuguese Man-of-War.

19th Oct 2006, 00:26

babs says:

5th one down. Just because!

19th Oct 2006, 07:52

babs says:

Having witnessed Seth's anguish at losing his pocket hamster ,Ben was taking no chances !!

19th Oct 2006, 07:54

babs says:

Good on yer Carmen

19th Oct 2006, 07:55

milly says:

very cool pics. Your really good!

19th Oct 2006, 12:25

Laura says:

Carmen there brilliant!!!
2nd one down,how i wish i were that microphone.

19th Oct 2006, 12:43

babs says:

Excellent one of Cormac giving it some.

19th Oct 2006, 18:32

Laura says:

Ohhh me too, Laura. Me too.

19th Oct 2006, 18:58

Laura says:

Is there another Laura here?????

19th Oct 2006, 19:09

babs says:

No, it's an echo.

19th Oct 2006, 19:45

Cressida says:

That "me too" was me... I was preoccupied with my new Venus razor... sorry...!

19th Oct 2006, 20:14

babs says:

Does life get any better Cress!

19th Oct 2006, 20:32

Laura says:

No worries cress,those razors can get any girl in a tizz

19th Oct 2006, 20:44

Emma says:

Thay are excellent pics. That spotlight is quite severe but adds a diffferent angle to the other pics we've seen.

19th Oct 2006, 21:47

Lezley says:

Excellent photos - the lighting really gives them something different. Good one of Cormac!

20th Oct 2006, 16:08

Laura says:

I really do love those ones,there stunning.

20th Oct 2006, 19:09

Chloe says:

Second one down...ooh i wish i was the mic too Laura, gonna have to fight for tht position!!

24th Oct 2006, 12:09

Laura says:


25th Oct 2006, 13:43