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seaneeboy says:
"To Gloucester. I enclose a sponge. Love, Joe"

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Watching the sunset

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London sunset last week, viewed through the mirror, but the sky was a lovely colour.
16th Oct 2006, 18:07   | tags:,,

Dhamaka says:


16th Oct 2006, 18:08

nige says:

tut tut....i sense an imminent wrist slapping...naughty boy!

16th Oct 2006, 18:09

540air says:

haha, yep, I can feel it coming :)

16th Oct 2006, 18:10

nige says:

indeed. i hasten to add however - nice pic!

16th Oct 2006, 18:14

Caine says:

Definitely worth a wrist slapping. ;D Really nice pic.

16th Oct 2006, 18:15

naughty naughty...

16th Oct 2006, 18:16

Twiglet says:

Oooh! I'm telling......

16th Oct 2006, 18:40

JokerXL says:

*no comment*

16th Oct 2006, 21:08

seaneeboy says:

*Sigh* Can't evcen be bothered slapping wrists, I'm getting that "Head against a brick wall" feeling at the moment.

16th Oct 2006, 21:23

seaneeboy says:

... in any case any wrist slapping done can't be on a mod basis - my anti driveblogging stance has become a purely personal thing.

As we agreed on before Mods aint moral guardians of moblog.

16th Oct 2006, 21:26

JokerXL says:

BuitButBut,,,,,,aaarrggghh,,,,,,no comment.

16th Oct 2006, 22:09

540air says:

Sean - Whilst it's not a defence, I fully accept liability for my own stupidity. In this instance I wanted to stop and get a fantastic picture of the London skyline at sunset, but that would have been even more of a hazard to traffic as there was no hard shoulder to speak of. I was travelling at around 20mph and there was no danger to any other road user from my actions.
Please don't think that this was posted to intentionally offend you, as it wasn't.
Whilst I don't necessarily agree with all of your driveblogging points, I do have the upmost respect for you for standing up and making yourself heard. Again, sorry :)

16th Oct 2006, 23:51

seaneeboy says:

Ah, but you *don't* accept liability - not unless you've reported yourself to the police...

You know what you did was wrong, which is not accepting liability.

To say there was no danger to ANYONE else is somewhat arrogant IMO.

The sad thing is I know people aren't posting these pics to deliberately piss me off - they're doing it because they feel they should get away with it, and *despite* it pissing me (and a few less vocal members of the community) off.

The law is clear. You Must Not Make [...] Pictures [..] whilst driving.

17th Oct 2006, 09:45

540air says:

Sean, I've been thinking about this during the day, alongside the hornets nest of crap I seem to have stirred up due to my comments about anna_reksic's moblog.

I apologise again and will now try to ensure that I no longer post any driveblogging shots, as you are quite right I wan't accepting liability, but I do know I was wrong.

Sorry dude,


17th Oct 2006, 17:00

seaneeboy says:

Good work dude, you rock. Big yays to you, one of the reasons Moblog is co great is cos we can debate things out without it going all myspace. I'm glad you felt you could put your opinions (on both subjects) out there in the first place - and even more happy that in this case you were man enough to change them without losing face.


18th Oct 2006, 10:06

540air says:

Thanks dude, you're right, it is why moblog is great.

Big hugs back at ya :)

18th Oct 2006, 10:23

JokerXL says:

Aw, sweet.
*Hugs 2*
(SB, you'll be happy to hear that I too have mended my ways, still think it's no worse than say changing a CD or the like though)

21st Oct 2006, 10:23

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