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Gum Nuts

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Viv says:

and you learnt that from these pics Gorge?

love the top one

13th Oct 2006, 01:37

hildegard says:

Gorgeous pics but... wasabi gum nuts? What's that going to be like?

13th Oct 2006, 01:52

Jigalong says:

I'm just a bloke from the outback bush of Australia. Can someone tell me what a wasabi is/means?

13th Oct 2006, 02:10

hildegard says:

Wasabi is closer to you than any of us, Jigalong. :) It's Japanese horseradish, very pungent, gets you in the sinuses. Wasabia japonica syn. Eutrema japonica, a brassica.
(Edit) A popular condiment for sushi, it's also a flavouring for snacks, wasabi peas, for example. George found some wasabi nuts clicky

13th Oct 2006, 02:49

Jigalong says:

Many thanks.

13th Oct 2006, 03:22

Geodyne says:

That top one is gorgeous - reminds me of May Gibb's Gumnut Babies...

13th Oct 2006, 07:34

Dhamaka says:

wow, they're both lovely shots

what's a gumnut baby when it's at home?

13th Oct 2006, 08:12

Geodyne says:
Australian childrens' fictional characters early last century created by a children's author called May Gibbs, She was concerned that all of the fairy tales Australian children were taught were English and weren't really applicable to what children experienced in Australia. So she created her own, and made something magical in the process.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie were firn childhood friends of mine.

13th Oct 2006, 08:27

Dhamaka says:

thank you!

13th Oct 2006, 08:43

swamprose says:

First time I saw a eucalyptus flower. I have some pods, which I see you call gum nuts, which I use to make patterns in clay. Nice to put it all together.

do the different gums have different flowers?

13th Oct 2006, 10:07

Geodyne says:

Swamprose - yes, they do. And different nuts, as well. The ones which grow in the south and west have larger gumnuts than those from the north.

13th Oct 2006, 11:16

Jigalong says:

Thanks Geo for answering that. I know there will be exceptions, but generally all Eucalypts have, um... gum pods, which do greatly vary in size and shape, with flowers of different colours

14th Oct 2006, 00:06

swamprose says:

and when they dry out, there is a lovely star pattern on the bottom.

14th Oct 2006, 14:54

jesson says:

The gum trees in the Blue Mts outside Sydney tend to have very small nuts that get stuck in your shoes, and pale yellow/white flowers- not nearly as stunning as these. The cockatoos love tip pruning the trees as the hoe into the nuts like they were candy.

Jiaglong- these photos are to die for- love it!

15th Oct 2006, 06:25