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This lil beastie cost me £27!!

*emits low whistle*

thats a pricey book. looks clever though...

3rd Oct 2006, 16:03

quarternary? whats wrong with quarterly?

3rd Oct 2006, 16:06

ViX says:

Monkey! My whole final year is turning out to be pretty pricey what with textbooks, fieldtrips and fieldtrip equipment!

However, it does look very clever, and hopefully it'll make me clever too! ;)

Jet: There is no 'R' its just quaternary which is a subdivsion of geological time which covers the last 2 million years, however as with many things in science thats debatable!

3rd Oct 2006, 16:33

oh yes - oops, pardon my crap eyes!

3rd Oct 2006, 16:36

blimey. that makes it sound even cleverer. fingers crossed that some of it stays in your brain, vix!

3rd Oct 2006, 16:41

ViX says:

Haha, thanks Monkey - I'll need it!

3rd Oct 2006, 16:58

Dhamaka says:

but worth it for yoru career

I'd like to say that one kneeling down is Geodyne but it's unlikely since she does most of her fieldwork on a boat. Maybe it's Michaelpj or one of his colleagues...

3rd Oct 2006, 19:13

ViX says:

Maybe one day it'll be me, hehe :)

3rd Oct 2006, 19:17

Dhamaka says:

go for it!

3rd Oct 2006, 19:17

ViX says:

It just so happens one of my dream jobs is currently up for grabs at BAS!

3rd Oct 2006, 20:37

Dhamaka says:

well... won't hurt to ask the guys what you can do to make yourself more attractive to them when you've finished your studies.... (sorry if that sounds like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs)

3rd Oct 2006, 20:39

ViX says:

No need to apologise! Once I've graduated I hope to do an MSc in Environmental Management so I have a way to go yet!

3rd Oct 2006, 20:43

Dhamaka says:

good for you! I wish you every success! it sounds like you're sorted and are doing fine so far

3rd Oct 2006, 20:48

ViX says:

Thank you :)

3rd Oct 2006, 21:28