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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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Crazy caterpillar

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With integral spikes, nobbles and red protuberance. Can anyone identify?
2nd Oct 2006, 17:32   | tags:,

hildegard says:

Gotcha! Pale Tussock Caterpillar.;=2028

2nd Oct 2006, 17:57

Viv says:

good sleuthing!

2nd Oct 2006, 18:01

OJ says:

Thank you Hildegard! Must tell the wife, she was quite taken with that caterpillar...

2nd Oct 2006, 18:01

hildegard says:

Tee hee, the postgrad research skills module wasn't wasted then... ;)

2nd Oct 2006, 18:07

OJ says:

Well you did better than I did, especially considering I made it as far as that site and still didn't find it...

2nd Oct 2006, 18:09

crickson says:

Rather reminds me of the caterpillar from Jim Henson's Labyrinth...

2nd Oct 2006, 18:15

OJ says:

The film with David Bowie?

Is that your professional opinion Dr Crickson? ;)

2nd Oct 2006, 18:22

crickson says:

Yup, the one with Bowie. That comes from me as a glorified gardener.

2nd Oct 2006, 18:24

Dhamaka says:

that is a rather glorious beast - and a great shot too

2nd Oct 2006, 19:57

Caine says:

Wow. That's one beautiful critter! Great shot.

2nd Oct 2006, 21:47

swamprose says:

glow in the dark caterpillar! hope you patted it.

3rd Oct 2006, 01:25

UxB says:

no! nasty orrible things - I remember handling a similar beastie which caused both my palms to come out in a nasty rash... :(

3rd Oct 2006, 08:18

UxB says:

on subject though I also remember finding one of these:
would have loved to see it after it'd transformed :)

3rd Oct 2006, 08:21

OJ says:

Is there something I should know about patting caterpillars?

That one you found does look impressive UxB. It appears that this luminous green tufty feller turns into quite a dull, grey, furry moth...

3rd Oct 2006, 10:36

swamprose says:

I know there is a hairy one that will make you itch if you pat it...but I think this one rates a pat. madmax acid with polyester sideburns...and it turns into a nondescript moth...these are its glory days.

3rd Oct 2006, 13:01

OJ says:

Madmax! Lol. V did pick it up as you can see. Patting might have hurt its tufts though, so probably a good thing she didn't.

3rd Oct 2006, 13:08

Jaylo61 says:

Thank you so much. Just discovered one of these at dusk and intrigued by its luminescense. Must be pretty tasty to have so many mock and actual defence patterns and protuberances to deter predators.

7th Oct 2009, 17:32

janiceK(janiceking08-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Hi i found one of these caterpillars on my wall and wasnt sure wat kind he was.He is a fab looking beast but hes all wraped up in a leaf now waitin to change into a dull moth.Thanks for the help people x

22nd Sep 2010, 08:32

ken says:

i found one of these today and it's so cute it's lush i am gutted to find that it's going turn into a moth

29th Sep 2010, 00:58

Ken says:

it's like a green version of the one out of alison wounderland but he can smoke his own pipe lmfao i will be keeping it so my daughter can watch how they change but when he is a moth he's out cause i hate moths so he better enjoy his glory days while he got them lol

29th Sep 2010, 01:04