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Ta Mandy

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While sorting through books last weekend we came across these flowers from my wedding bouquet. I had forgotten we had pressed them, I thought we had taken all the flowers to put on my fathers grave.Thanks to Mandy and her flower scanning I now know how to take a pic of them. I need to practise layering the composition
24th Sep 2006, 11:42  

beautiful colours, I love irises

24th Sep 2006, 12:14

JokerXL says:

Oh that is sweet!
you could do a lot with that in phototshop FF, may I?

24th Sep 2006, 13:13

FilbertFox says:

they are freesias. and the colours were amazing when we got married all those years ago!

joker - do you thang!

24th Sep 2006, 13:52

SaharaSB says:


24th Sep 2006, 14:46

crickson says:

Very nice : )

24th Sep 2006, 15:21

Geodyne says:

So very lovely. And what a memory!

24th Sep 2006, 15:46

JokerXL says:

Will get back to you FF, got a copy all saved to play with next week.

24th Sep 2006, 15:54

FilbertFox says:

ta me ducks

24th Sep 2006, 16:41

Dhamaka says:

wow, these are absolutely gorgeous - and from your wedding too


24th Sep 2006, 19:10

FilbertFox says:

and it was so long ago.

Its been a bit of a 'romantic' weekend really, my mother called in on her way to the Lakes, and gave me my grandmothers wedding ring, which fits me perfectly, i have had her engagement ring for a few years now. I tried to take a pic of me wearing them both - but made me look as if i had my grandmothers hands as well!

24th Sep 2006, 19:14

Dhamaka says:

time for photoshop? or artistic blurriness?

24th Sep 2006, 19:15

FilbertFox says:

time (and ability) rather thin on the ground!

24th Sep 2006, 19:53

JokerXL says:

Done some!
Let me know which one(s) you like and I'll get the Hi-Rez version to you.

25th Sep 2006, 10:45

FilbertFox says:

Golly! You are clever Joker. I like the middle 2 best, but can't make my mind up which........

What a nice man you are

25th Sep 2006, 14:56

paintist says:

this is a lovely pic, and wow to the memories as well, they are so well preserved... :-)

25th Sep 2006, 15:25

JokerXL says:

Thought you might, the others are more my taste.
I'll get the lot off to you asp.

25th Sep 2006, 18:29

so I don't know an iris from a fresia... good job your fuchsia is not in my hands then!

26th Sep 2006, 23:04

JokerXL says:

The "middle two" are on their way to your Email FF.
Tnx for the lend,

28th Sep 2006, 21:15

FilbertFox says:


28th Sep 2006, 21:39

Viv says:

thinking FF romantic!
guess we've all got a soft spot or two or .....!
now feeling very vulnerable!

1st Oct 2006, 12:08

FilbertFox says:

only roman tick about Mr FF, cos i still fancy hin like crazy after all these years

2nd Oct 2006, 20:18