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Cynical voter seeks similar

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Now my deepest sympathy and regret goes out to them both. However,
this story is four years old and I am pretty sure that other people
have suffered grief since. Do they really believe that the British
public is stupid enough to buy this "He's a real person" spin? I was
undecided about Mr Brown taking over the Labour party before I saw
this, I am now veering towards not.
15th Sep 2006, 15:14   | tags:,,,

mat says:

Thing is, I couldn't really care less about whether he's a real person or not - he's been a good chancellor for the past however many years, and I think he's got what it takes to be a good PM too. Leaders don't need to be likeable, human or even pleasant, they need to be effective. Brown has shown that he can be effective. My guess would be this is just his media advisor playing the papers in return for Cameron's "new logo" stunt today.

Also, the public is stupid enough to buy pretty much anything. You know that as well as I do. :)

15th Sep 2006, 15:21

g says:

looks like the sun is acting like the propaganda arm of the labour party it is

15th Sep 2006, 15:25

mat says:

Really? that never even occurred to me. How depressing.

I've never met a single Englander who has a problem with Scots. Even the most rascist bastards I've known only bothered to hate the Welsh and the Irish.

15th Sep 2006, 15:32

i don't think his being scottish has any bearing at all.

i also think that whilst ideally we'd all like to think that we (as a country, not individuals) vote with regard to political policy, leadership qualities and the like, there is a (significant) proportion of the electorate that will fall for this, and brown and his team know it.

15th Sep 2006, 15:44

hildegard says:

Distasteful but hardly surprising.
His alleged problems with delegation and his consuming interest in his own image have led to a series of ill-judged decisions, the shambolic Family Tax credit not least among them. More expensive to administer than the Benefit System and more open to fraud, byzantinely complex, unpopular, ineffective and maladministered, it typifies Brown's chancellorship. Something that looks great on paper, can be shown to be effective by using his own dodgy measures & leaves thousands of people worse off.
He has abandoned all discussion of social housing in favour of the obfuscatory rhetoric of 'affordable' housing, all the while knowing that his policies have made home ownership even less attainable for people on modest wages. He has gone along with Blair's silly & disingenuous anti-social behaviour legislation, he didn't oppose the Iraq invasion... in his tireless striving on behalf of the rich, he has left the poor getting poorer for so long that the last 3 years' meagre improvements have not yet brought them to the level of poverty they enjoyed under the Tories.
The poorest taxpayers in the UK pay vastly more tax as a propoprtion of their income than do the richest and ironically give more as a proportion of their income in charity too...
Like Blair, Brown stands for very little but his own high opinion of himself & the ceaseless pursuit of power.
(Edit) Gosh, hadn't realised how cross he really makes me...

15th Sep 2006, 16:31

Helen says:

I think John Smith would have got in in 1997, if he'd been around. Scot or not.

I don't like Brown. I don't like New Labour. I'd only vote for a socialist PM, but a socialist aint gonna get in.

15th Sep 2006, 16:33

Steve says:

We need to have a zombie John Smith!

I really can't say that I have noticed the "anti scot" conspiracy. Infact I thought that people where more inclinded to trust people who had scottish and irish accents. Call centres tried to play on this for a while.

There needs to be an "Old Labour" party...

Mat, ok you got me, I do know it:)

15th Sep 2006, 17:23

Steve says:

G, it wasn't just limited to the Sun, other rags picked it up too. The daily Record put it on their front page... Although that might be a Murdock paper as well.

Best get back to work

15th Sep 2006, 17:26

hildegard says:

Yeah but the Beeb report surveys with respondent groups of under 150 people. Don't know the setup of these data but find them highly suspicious. Questionaires & vox pops are poor reflections of what people think - a clipboard effect makes people over dramatic, nerves make them hasty, etc. Ethnomethodological research which listens to people in the context of their everyday lives is time-consuming & more costly so doesn't fit a fast news agenda.
Political reporting seems to be stuck at the level of 9 year olds gathering round in the schoolyard, shouting "Fght, fight, fight!"

15th Sep 2006, 19:28

teflon says:

I'm not just imagining that Tony Blair was born in Edinburgh, am I?

15th Sep 2006, 20:27

Helen says:

I think people are a bit confused about devolution. The government should sort that out. I don't remember being taught much about our constitution at school. It's a bit bad. I remember learning about Europe.

15th Sep 2006, 21:08

teflon says:

"And today, class, we'll be learning about the West Lothian question..."

15th Sep 2006, 21:31

hildegard says:

.. Now, let's see what you made of last week's homework - your scale replicas of the Barnet Agreemet using non-compostable household waste...

15th Sep 2006, 21:34

Helen says:

Ah, yes, I knew about the oil stuff.

There was talk of a Yorkshire Parliament. But I'm not so sure about this regionalised stuff (maybe some things could be more effectively governed from a regionalised base - education?). Britain seems to be headed more and more towards increased economic disparity and this makes me uneasy.

The government has plans to extend the London weighting thing outwards from London, so if you're a Civil Servant you'll be paid differently according to the cost of living in your particular area of the country. I can see why they want to do this, but I think it would just exacerbate economic difference and would effectively trap some people in certain areas. I know this happens already, but I think the government should be putting policy in place to work against, rather than for, this.

Scotland though. I can see why some might be bitter. But hey, you're helping to support the Welsh.

16th Sep 2006, 14:13

kel says:

I'm from London, I lived in Glasgow for four years, I don't hate you! And plenty of Scots live in London (well plenty of every nationality lives in London...)... in fact i wouldn't even be from london if my gran hadn't joined the Wrens and left Motherwell... London isn't just Westminster and the Media Opinion y'know, people live here too... (she said, coming late to the debate...)

30th Sep 2006, 16:56

Steve says:

I still have never seen or heard anyone discriminate against a scotish person for being Scottish. I have heard them reffered to as "Jock" which IMO is just dull.

1st Oct 2006, 15:42