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Yep - on a building!

Sir Thomas Moore's entire novel 'Utopia' has been written in paint onto the old Eastern Electricity building due for demolition in Norwich.

It goes all the way around the entire building from top to bottom! It looks brilliant!!!
14th Sep 2006, 09:24  


Desiree says:

This is remarkable.

14th Sep 2006, 09:26

Sprocket says:

Absolutely fantastic.

14th Sep 2006, 09:33

spongevid says:

that's amazing!

14th Sep 2006, 09:38

crickson says:

That's fantastic! Don't knock it down!!!

14th Sep 2006, 09:53

I know! They shouldn't ever knock it down now!!!

14th Sep 2006, 09:54

paintist says:

how long would that have taken! its wonderful.....

14th Sep 2006, 09:57

random says:

It took me a hour..

14th Sep 2006, 10:01

swamprose says:

this is wonderful. can't help thinking about the mechanics of it...someone spent days with paint, holding a book, on a ladder--the pattern of words is beautiful. nice choice of literature, too.

14th Sep 2006, 10:03

I saw him doing it back in July...

The icing on the cake is the fact he is left handed! As is I!
Wooooo! Go lefties!!! :oD

14th Sep 2006, 10:05

nige says:

fab. absolutely fab.

14th Sep 2006, 10:13

That was a little hydraulic lift, not a ladder!

14th Sep 2006, 10:13

Rich says:

that's wicked, I'll have to go and have a look. They had that power station of scrapheap challenge a couple of years back, must go and see it before it gets trashed. Do you know the postcode/address, Jetblack?

14th Sep 2006, 10:42

Rich, the old Eastern Electricity building on Westwick Street, just off Duke Street - near the Hog in Armour pub and St Andrew's Car Park

14th Sep 2006, 10:45

Another pic, from the other side of the river...

14th Sep 2006, 10:45

Rich says:

Ahhh, right - bonkers, never realised that this was so close to the centre of town. Only lived in Norwich all me life, too.

14th Sep 2006, 11:12

I walk past it twice a day - they've closed the car park this week so I'm sure they'll commence the demolition soon!

14th Sep 2006, 11:23

thats an amazing achievement - what was the guys name?

14th Sep 2006, 11:48

Its Rory Macbeth, a local student I think

14th Sep 2006, 11:50

James says:

Wow superb!

Carl - Is that one the waterway coming in through the city into the yacht station in the city centre? Going past the waterfront? If so, I went down there when boating on the broads!

I'm also a lefty ;-)

14th Sep 2006, 11:58

Its further along the river Wensum than the yacht station - under about 6 more bridges!

Hooray for lefties! I didn't know you were! We rock :o)

14th Sep 2006, 12:00

wouldn't it be really annoying to do that for weeks and weeks, and then get to the last blank brick and realise there's half a page left of novel. gutted.

clearly rory is alittle less gung-ho than me, and planned it.

EDIT: sadly, i am a boring old righty.

14th Sep 2006, 12:00

Or, perhaps worse, he ran out of pages of the book! Then he'd have to just draw a big picture or something!

14th Sep 2006, 12:03

ha ha!

and has anyone checked it? you know, for spelling mistakes and stuff - i think someone should get down there with some red paint...

14th Sep 2006, 12:08

that's abolsutely amazing. wow.

14th Sep 2006, 13:07

mat says:

Neat. I shall certainly be stopping by there next time I'm in town. I like that part of the city, there's so many little roads and paths and shortcuts and Old Stuff around there.

(I'm another left-hander, btw. we am the best)

14th Sep 2006, 13:13

I know - I love St Benedicts and Elm Hill and walking thru the Cathedral grounds.

(Yay for the left-handedness!)

14th Sep 2006, 13:15

mouseninja says:

that is so cool... i'm amazed!!

(oh, and Mason's a lefty)

14th Sep 2006, 13:50

factotum says:

These are well chosen details too, the different coloured bricks, the corrugated doors, the corner of the building. I hope you'll be able to keep photographing and blogging the project!

14th Sep 2006, 13:57

I love the top shot with the different coloured bricks. I'm hoping to catch the progress of the demolition in the coming weeks as I walk past it each day. Twice!

It was actually an art gallery for about 4 months until last week.

14th Sep 2006, 14:10

hildegard says:

Wonderful. :)

14th Sep 2006, 16:32

I'm amazed that no-one has yet said he sould "get a life" or "get out more and meet people", because basically, wonderful achievement or not, he should. Life before Art! (the latter is the consequence of the former) Superb blog though.

18th Sep 2006, 11:57

I wonder what his next project is going to be - almost like the David Blaine of the local art scene!!!

18th Sep 2006, 12:00