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Lomo and treading water

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Beth, Shoes, and I went swimming in a lovely river near Viv's. I took
great risks to get this shot! (I look rather toothy)
2nd Sep 2006, 23:26   | tags:,,,,,,,

Steve says:

Thanks, I had fun with my two water babies

2nd Sep 2006, 23:29

awesome shot. it does semm you are risking the lomo there, but it seems you pulled of a blinding shot!

2nd Sep 2006, 23:43

Steve says:

I wasn't about to try it with the digital :)

2nd Sep 2006, 23:49

oh god no!

well not unless you had one of them digital cam cases that are water proof

2nd Sep 2006, 23:53

beth says:

hehe that did come out rather well.. also funny because when i motioned the gesture it got a lot of laughs from everyone ashore .. or at least helen and mum.

3rd Sep 2006, 00:17

Viv says:

been waiting for this...great!

3rd Sep 2006, 00:42

Dhamaka says:

that's so cool!

3rd Sep 2006, 09:11

Gael says:

worth it : )

3rd Sep 2006, 09:50

FilbertFox says:

very good and slightly disturbing

3rd Sep 2006, 10:35

Steve says:

I have a kind of comb over going on though

3rd Sep 2006, 10:42

Uber_Spy says:

This shot is fantastic!!! Makes me smile hehehe..

3rd Sep 2006, 11:24

Viv says:

watching the performance he went thro' to get this was hilarious

3rd Sep 2006, 13:15

Dhamaka says:

we all do it Viv...

... don't we?..

3rd Sep 2006, 13:34

Viv says:

yes but this water is deep and he had to tread water whilst holding the camera in the air for some time

3rd Sep 2006, 13:39

Dhamaka says:


3rd Sep 2006, 13:41

Steve says:

I did feel silly, and most of the shots are a little jerky to say the least

3rd Sep 2006, 13:41

Dhamaka says:

but it looks like so much fun!

3rd Sep 2006, 13:42

Viv says:

it was!

3rd Sep 2006, 15:52

Joe says:

this is top notch

3rd Sep 2006, 16:02

fantastic photo, even more so knowing what you had to go through to get it!

5th Sep 2006, 19:55