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Fancy new camera phone broke on the way to the port, and the tyre 'broke' at high speed on the autoroute
27th Aug 2006, 08:57   | tags:

Poppet says:

Oh my god.. the car allright?

27th Aug 2006, 09:02

FilbertFox says:

cheers for your concern!

27th Aug 2006, 09:03

Poppet says:

Well obviously you are ok, youre blogging!

27th Aug 2006, 09:12

FilbertFox says:

yeah, with arm in a sling and neck in a colar.

ok not really. But sorting out a puncture/tyre repalcement in france with my franglaise was fun.

27th Aug 2006, 09:14

Poppet says:

So you off to the phone shop on Tuesday to rant?

27th Aug 2006, 09:16

FilbertFox says:

done that to orange a few times already

27th Aug 2006, 09:21

JokerXL says:

Glad you survived that little adventure FF.
Take care.

27th Aug 2006, 09:50

crickson says:

Y'see, 3G phones - a load of old bollocks. Sorry about the car thou! Hope it didn't spoil the holiday!

27th Aug 2006, 12:45

nige says:

blimey. that couldn't have been pleasant. hope you're okay, FF.

27th Aug 2006, 12:48

FilbertFox says:

all is fine and dandy ta

27th Aug 2006, 12:50

Viv says:

looks nasty!

thinks phone, car, mmm....

3rd thing - superstition is a terrible thing!

Haven't found my third from yesterday Andrew - got another gold, City beat Arsenal .....(sort of - by result anyway!) mmmmm....what else?

27th Aug 2006, 13:20

FilbertFox says:

the third was before that (the first then) had nasty reaction to insect bites and was in lots of pain for most of the holiday.

And the forth thing was the spiders. never seen so many of the things. Normally i just leave em alone, but there were so many and the receptionist said they were biting people alot. Well with my 'sensitivity' we had to get 'rid' of them. more than 100 had a swim in our loo.

27th Aug 2006, 13:33

Viv says:

Oh dear - its that fair skin of yours my dear!

27th Aug 2006, 15:41

FilbertFox says:

never reacted as badly to bites before, but the good news is i have hardly had any hayfever this year.

27th Aug 2006, 17:14

Spiderbaby says:

That's it. It's officially impossible for you to go anywhere without having major incidents! Glad u were both OK.

29th Aug 2006, 17:40