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by Dhamaka

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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"........ Albert Einstein

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"When you're standing on a comfortable rug, you have to expect it to be pulled from under your feet sometimes"
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"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race"
........ H G Wells

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better"
........ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Luck favours the prepared mind"
........ Louis Pasteur

"Never to get lost is not to live, not to know how to get lost brings you to destruction, and somewhere in the terra incognita in between lies a life of discovery."
........ Rebecca Solnit

"Give, give, give -- what is the point of having experience, knowledge or talent if I don't give it away? Of having stories if I don't tell them to others? Of having wealth if I don't share it? I don't intend to be cremated with any of it! It is in giving that I connect with others, with the world and with the divine."
........ Isabel Allende

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs - ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
........ Harold Thurman Whitman

"The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes...."
........ Marcel Proust

"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.. you have no such accurate remembrance of a country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle...."
........ Ernest Hemingway

"Ambition leads me not only father than any other man has been before me, but as far as I think it is possible for man to go."
........ James Cook

"The grand show is enternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried all at once; a shower is forever falling; vapour is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal dawn and gloaming, on sea and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls."
........ John Muir

"The bicycle is the most civilised conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart."
........ Iris Murdoch

"Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your picture...."
........ Don McCullin

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Just read that Pluto has been demoted from the list of planets, then while replacing the light bulb in my office today, the entire fitment came to pieces in my hand.


I feel like I've lost an old friend

Joe says:

I was just about to fix that link :)

24th Aug 2006, 20:33

Dhamaka says:

please do Joe - it has me very confused..

24th Aug 2006, 20:35

Joe says:

ta daaa!

24th Aug 2006, 20:36

Dhamaka says:

thank you!

24th Aug 2006, 20:37

Twiglet says:

Wasn't Pluto the last one to be "recognised" as a planet? Could it be a case of last in first out? Where will it all end....

EDIT: The Beloved and I refuse to accept this. As far as we're concerned Pluto is a planet and we will continue to call it a planet. Bloody cheek!

24th Aug 2006, 20:54

Uber_Spy says:

I'm interested to see what happens with the 'new' planets. The implications!!! What will this mean for astrology?? The zodiac?! YIKES!! :P

24th Aug 2006, 21:05

Dhamaka says:

Twiglet - strictly speaking you guys are right - it officially just needs the word 'dwarf' in front

Uber - not a lot, if you accept that heavenly bodies influence people here on Earth, the same heavenly bodies will do the same influencing irrespective of what they're called...

24th Aug 2006, 21:21

Dhamaka says:

ooh - someone gave me a vote for this - thank you!

24th Aug 2006, 21:22

Uber_Spy says:

ah ha! see now? might have to F5 :)

24th Aug 2006, 22:26

Dhamaka says:

ah - now I do!

24th Aug 2006, 22:28

Phoenix NLI says:

The planets are going out all over the solar system ;)

25th Aug 2006, 00:42

swamprose says:

a 'dwarf body'? Pluto will always be a silly cartoon dog, and a planet. no matter what they say.

25th Aug 2006, 01:16

walla_walla says:

Thanks Dhamaka for your message, it was nice to hear from you. I’ve been fine, but ever since I got back from my holiday I’ve been stuck at work and moved to a new apartment so I’m waiting to get my internet hooked up, so hopefully by the end of next week I should be back online. I see that you haven’t lost your touch, very artistic as always.

25th Aug 2006, 01:41

JokerXL says:

So sorry to loose Pluto, he was my favorite cartoon dog, next to Scooby that is!
*gets coat*

25th Aug 2006, 08:58

Dhamaka says:

Just keep the coat on next time you visit, Joker

Walla_Walla - pleased to see you back!

25th Aug 2006, 09:15

boet says:

what swamprose says

25th Aug 2006, 12:27

spongevid says:

i guess they're going to have to find a new way to help remember planet namesfor kids in school just...
my very easy method just...blah. i never managed to remember it anyway!

25th Aug 2006, 14:29

ouch says:

Many Very Early Men Jumped Straight Up Near Paris

Doesn't work without the PAris bit!

Though as I recall, the only way I could learn the silly rhyme was to memorise the planets then apply it back the rhyme aaaaarrrrgghhh!!! :)

Mercury, hmm that would be "many",
Venus, "errm, oh yes, Very" etc etc...

25th Aug 2006, 15:01

Dhamaka says:

I just learned the planets. Now I'm going to have to learn the minor whatsits too :(

25th Aug 2006, 15:08

mat says:

How about: "Many Very Early Men Comedically Jumped Straight Up Near Paris, teXas"

25th Aug 2006, 15:16

Dhamaka says:

'Minding various emails, Mobloggers Just Set Up Newbies'

since we only have eight biggies now

25th Aug 2006, 17:03

RareAquaticBadger says:

Mat: I get the comically being Ceres, but what's the teXas for? I thought the other dwarf beyond Pluto was 2003 UB313 (and is Charon still Plutos moon or is it a dwarf in its own right?).

Does anyone else think that Clyde Tombaugh is compensating for something?

25th Aug 2006, 19:43

Dhamaka says:

Rare - 2003 UB313 is Xena...

and as for your photo... maybe, but I would have given anything to have one of them in my back garden when I was younger..

25th Aug 2006, 19:54

Caine says:

Fab pic, D. As for Pluto, I refuse to accept it isn't a planet. It's the ruling planet of Scorpio's, y'know.

25th Aug 2006, 22:09

RareAquaticBadger says:

ah, of course. Is Xena its official name now? I thought that was just a "working name" from the discoverers, but it wasn't set in stone yet.

I'm a Scorpio too... Does that mean my zodiac-mojo's all buggered?

25th Aug 2006, 23:42

Caine says:

I don't know...better not be. I don't need my zodiac-mojo all buggered right now.

26th Aug 2006, 00:11

Dhamaka says:

I think you're right Rare.

Caine - who does, who does...

26th Aug 2006, 01:01