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I worked really long and hard to get a new practical together for a summer school we were running."Thank you for all your hard work. We have a little something for you"The only difference between me and my 'gift' is i have more hair
16th Aug 2006, 20:09   | tags:

Spiderbaby says:

Did you laugh or cry?
Have a great holiday anyway - you certainly deserve it. Hope it'll be 'even-free' aswell. There's always hope...

16th Aug 2006, 20:19

crickson says:

I wonder if my dept. have an 'Institute of Integrative and Comparative Genomics' mug? I bet it'd have to be a large mug...

16th Aug 2006, 20:25

paintist says:

did they at least fill it with gin!...hmmmmm :-(

16th Aug 2006, 20:27

FilbertFox says:

no they didn't! I did cry

16th Aug 2006, 20:32

paintist says:

its time to put some gin in it yourself and say 'sod the lot of them I am on holiday!"

16th Aug 2006, 20:35

swamprose says:

'shows solidarity in toast to FF. lifts giant mug of gin.' now go do silly things on vacation.

16th Aug 2006, 20:51

Viv says:

Boo hiss - no present is better than a bad present
disappointment must have been immense - I mean they could at least have filled it with maltesers!

16th Aug 2006, 23:41

Ahhh... A mug. The ultimate in not-sure-what-to-buy-someone-so-lets-make-a-token-effort gift. :o( At least now you've got a handy hint if you drink so much gin you forget where you work...

Mmmm... gin-laced maltesers...

17th Aug 2006, 04:45

Poppet says:

I will experiment with Gin and Tonic ice cream with a malteser topping :-)

Have a great holiday - look forward to seeing you and your snaps when you get back

17th Aug 2006, 07:21

FilbertFox says:

to make things worse, there was a box of maltesers on the table which i thought might be for me!

RAB - gin laced malteser as big as your head - another project for dr c to get cracking on with

17th Aug 2006, 07:22

JokerXL says:

Maltesers ont the table was torture!
Have a great holiday then, bring back lots of great pics.

17th Aug 2006, 07:26

Geodyne says:

I'm with the others on this one - although oddly, now that I've moved on from my previous place of employment, I find myself oddly wishing they'd given me one of the naff "award" mugs no-one wanted so i could have it as a memento....

17th Aug 2006, 08:01

Oh, have a great holiday! Looking forward to all the pictures!

17th Aug 2006, 08:06