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"why would a reviewer make the point of saying someone's *not* a genius? do you especially think i'm *not* a genius? you didn't even have to think about it, did you?"

"monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.”

"i am secretly afraid of animals.... i think it is because of the usness in their eyes, with the underlying not-usness which belies it, and is so tragic a reminder of the lost age when we human beings branched off and left them: left them to eternal inarticulateness and slavery. why? their eyes seem to ask us."

"we've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of shakespeare. thanks to the internet, we now know this is not true..."

african monkey proverb: "the day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery."

"i'll buy a bunch of monkeys, dress them up, and make them re-enact the civil war"

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things found on an island...

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a monitor...

a clay pigeon with the bullet hole in it...

a land-bound boat...

FUNKIN loving the first shot! well done! highlight worthy. would if i could and all that!

14th Aug 2006, 12:48

Caine says:

I loves the second shot. Great series.

14th Aug 2006, 12:51

i like the second one too. my housemates now use that clay as an ash tray.

14th Aug 2006, 12:55

beth says:

that bottom shot it oarsome!

i like them all. but why are they so fuzzy?

14th Aug 2006, 12:56

paintist says:

I like the top one !....yep dey sure am fuzzy....

14th Aug 2006, 12:58

nige says:

all of these are just grand, but that top one has me in it's grasp! wicked.

14th Aug 2006, 13:07

Twiglet says:

Agree about that top one!

14th Aug 2006, 13:13

OJ says:

I love the top shot too. Is it a picture of a postcard with a screen in the foreground? The fuzziness suggests that...

14th Aug 2006, 13:13

anonymous says:

I like the fuzziness. gives it a retro look

would have like to have been there when teh monitor fell overboard

14th Aug 2006, 13:14

woooot!!! highlight!!!! yay! well done bro!

14th Aug 2006, 13:22

the fuzziness comes from the age old grain problem.

OJ - that wasn't a postcard, that was my holiday!

the top one was taken with an old olympus trip 35, which is why the colours are slightly odd - them old lenses didn't quite have the finesse of our newer ones.

14th Aug 2006, 13:24

and a highlight! w00t!

14th Aug 2006, 13:24

paintist says:

well done....a good choice :-)

14th Aug 2006, 15:14

James says:

Love the top one!

14th Aug 2006, 16:52

QueenH says:

The top one is brilliant, made me smile

14th Aug 2006, 17:12

it was a good find. i wanted to bring it home, but was dissuaded by my fellow campers

14th Aug 2006, 17:13


14th Aug 2006, 17:18

crickson says:

Great pictures! A well deserved HL.

14th Aug 2006, 17:46

cheers guys! its always good to know that the stuff that makes me smile works for other people too!

14th Aug 2006, 18:01

QueenH says:

Bah don't listen to them next time, fill the boot with shit from the beach

14th Aug 2006, 18:02

that was the problem - we were on a tight baggage allowance on the boat - i thought the 'no knackered bits of old computers allowed' one was a bit harsh

14th Aug 2006, 18:03

OJ says:

May all your holidays look like a picture postcard.

The slight fuzz does add something. Where were you by the way? There's a certain Soviet bloc chic about that top pic. I made that phrase up by the way...

EDIT: Must get treatment for tag-blindness.

14th Aug 2006, 18:24

Dhamaka says:

wtg with the well deserved HL
Love that top one

14th Aug 2006, 19:47

i see what you mean about the soviet bloc chic. i might see if i can transfer that aesthetic to my everyday life.

15th Aug 2006, 10:01

OJ says:

Mmm, how would you go about doing that. With a limited technicolour palette and some breeze blocks you might manage it...

15th Aug 2006, 10:16

paintist says:

OJ, his whole being exudes soviet bloc chic...really, you have put your finger on it exactly....

15th Aug 2006, 10:25

he does sometimes look like a russian submarine driver. does that help??

15th Aug 2006, 10:37

paintist says:

Das Boot !

15th Aug 2006, 10:38

using a olympus trip 35 for a start.

might drink an obscene amount of vodka too. (sweeping generalisations abound!)

15th Aug 2006, 11:08

mouseninja says:

awesome pics monkey :D

15th Aug 2006, 11:31


15th Aug 2006, 11:34

That top shot is the canine testicles mate. Tre nice.

23rd Aug 2006, 11:11