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Potter without a studio (college being remodelled), medical secretary, cancer survivor, would-be cake decorator, knitter (or at least collector of yarn), and general spazoid.

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The level of not caring that I'm against dress code today is beyond explanation.
4th Aug 2006, 13:24  


hildegard says:

Any dress code that bans those is just plain silly, bad & wrong. Fingers crossed & so forth...

4th Aug 2006, 13:26

paintist says:

oooo you are wearing my favorite chucks! there a dress code?

4th Aug 2006, 13:27

nige says:


4th Aug 2006, 13:30

MaggieD says:

With Hildegard on this ......

4th Aug 2006, 13:32

Caine says:

Great chucks, and no explanation required. There is a pair of chucks on the Converse website that make me think of you - a pinkish floral overlaid by white crochet.

4th Aug 2006, 13:43

yourhermione says:

Caine - I COVET those. They're in my wish list. LOL You know me well!

Hildegard - Paintist - MaggieD - there's a dress code at work, and you aren't supposed to wear sneakers. Though, they really don't bother me about it, with the cancer and all. People are nicer to you when you have cancer. *WINK*

I'm also wearing my tshirt that Samantha made for me. I'll get someone to take a pic of me.

4th Aug 2006, 13:45

540air says:

Hope the scan goes well :)

4th Aug 2006, 15:50

SweetMags says:

Good luck on your scans!!!!

4th Aug 2006, 16:46

FilbertFox says:

nice feets

4th Aug 2006, 17:08

puddlepuff says:

Sooo!! How did it go?

4th Aug 2006, 19:39

yourhermione says:

I'm basically having to be topless for the treatments because of where they radiate. So for the first time in all this cancer thing, I feel humiliated. (the docs and techs are total professionals, it isn't them at all. it's just very hard to deal with.)

so, *it* went ok, but *I* am not ok.

4th Aug 2006, 19:44

paintist says:

everyone feels vulnerable at times...and in those situations you are bound to feel it....I am glad that it went ok, and hope that you are ok soon...

4th Aug 2006, 19:47

yourhermione says:

I will be ok eventually, but other thigns are not helping right now.

I can do this. It's just harder some days than others.

thanks, Paintist. *hugs*

4th Aug 2006, 19:54

puddlepuff says:

Ouh, Yes that sounds pretty nasty!!

Do you have to go through more of these things?

4th Aug 2006, 21:46

yourhermione NLI says:

Puff - this was just the scan. Treatment starts on Monday, but it's the same thing I did today. It'll be 5 days a week for about the next 6 weeks.

thanks Mandy. knowing you all are here listening and supporting me helps a lot.

4th Aug 2006, 22:54

puddlepuff says:

So that will be 30 times?!?! Yikesemundo. Can't you wear a bikini-top?

**12 hugs for the comming 2 weeks and a bit for when I'm gone.**

4th Aug 2006, 23:05

Dhamaka says:


comfort clothes - I do that

((more hugs))

5th Aug 2006, 05:47

yourhermione says:

if I could have a top on, they'd put a sheet over me. No, any fabric interferes with the radiation field.

5th Aug 2006, 14:49

FilbertFox says:

sound tough. maybe we should all remove our tops at the same time as a mark of support, second thoughts may be not....

5th Aug 2006, 17:10

paintist says:

think of your tattoos as clothes....silly but it might are not naked you are nude, there is a difference...( i think naked means vulnerable, nude means you choose to be, and have power....)

5th Aug 2006, 17:18

MaggieD says:

Must be tough ...... my cousin had a lot of barebreasted radiation therapy ..... she said she just laid back closed her eyes and pretended she was sunbathing nude on an exotic beach somewhere ..... Alex I know was a little embarassed by the underwear he was wearing on his first whole body radiation treatment .... it prompted him to set up his own underwear company on the web....

5th Aug 2006, 17:39

Mrs540air says:

You're not naked you are just not wearing any on top - total and absolute empathy - thinking of you

5th Aug 2006, 18:58

they r sooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!

7th Aug 2006, 21:23

Viv says:

the chucks are great
and don't feel humiliated
I know these are not people you would chose to show your body to - but if you're comfortable with it then they will be
best of luck

14th Aug 2006, 15:44