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all in low-light.
28th Jul 2006, 00:03   | tags:,,

Geodyne says:

Nice. Very, very nice.


28th Jul 2006, 00:06

Caine says:

Fabulous shots, Nige.

28th Jul 2006, 02:52

nige says:

thanks guys. i'm yet to give this phone a real run yet, but so far, i'm uninspired...

28th Jul 2006, 07:58

paintist says:

very sexy , top two are great...why are you less than enthusiastic?
edit...or do you mean the phone is great but you have no inspiration?

28th Jul 2006, 08:01

nige says:

i guess i expected a much greater jump in quality, whereas what i've noticed is very small. also, i've heard a few people say that the macro mode has improved, but so far my w810i still wins out in that department.

it does have better colour reproduction / saturation, though, which is nice... :)

28th Jul 2006, 08:07

paintist says:

the colour is very all looks wonderful to me , but then i only use a canon point and click :-)

28th Jul 2006, 08:21

Gael says:

second down is nice.
I still hate mine, doesn't seem sharp at all, can't download photos /music direct, settings wander in and out (image stabilising esp.)
generally bleugh, never been so disappointed with anything in my life

28th Jul 2006, 08:38

nige says:

i take it you have the version with the 3 network, Gael? i've heard there are a few features missing that the other network providers have left in.

ouch, you dont sound happy about it, and neither would i be if it was my first proper camphone. i'm going to reserve judgement until i take out some more shots. maybe it will improve with use, Gael...and firmware updates...:)

28th Jul 2006, 08:48

Viv says:

oh dear

28th Jul 2006, 09:26

Alfie says:

Gael, especially considering the image stabiliser and non-sharp feel to images, I'd say you have a dodgy handset, get it replaced asap as this is a phone that really does not dissapoint. Being on 3 with heavy handed lock down tactics on content will, however, always dissapoint.

28th Jul 2006, 09:40

Dhamaka says:

I'm sorry Gael - I'd suggest you do what Alfie says and if that still doesn't work you're welcome to use my old 750i

28th Jul 2006, 10:19

Gael says:

Nige what does '3' mean? It's with o2 if that is of any relevance? Plus spouse got same camera, same day and he can up/down load fine ...
I'm reluctant to chop it in just yet in case the prob is with me (I am actually a total technophobe) but not sure who to bitch to first - O2 or SE?

28th Jul 2006, 20:10

nige says:

i mean "3" as in the network, but seeing as you're with o2, you should be receiving the phone's full feature set. i'd take alfie's advice on this one and exchange it - at least that way you'll know if it's you, or the handset. speak to o2 first, definately.

28th Jul 2006, 21:46