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An eye for an eye teaches the world not to fuck with people's eyes.

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Top one is a man dressed as a football. I kid you not.

Bottom one? 7.45am on the tube, beered up and ready for the day.

Both during World Cup.

26th Jul 2006, 13:25  

Rhys says:

If only the top one was clearer, I would have laughed much more.

26th Jul 2006, 13:28

kikuchan says:

I know, it was very sad. One of those moments were you whip the phone out in hopes of catching the man before he disappears. I was hardly going to chase after him and ask if he could stop and pose so I could get a clear shot of his ludicrous get up :-)

26th Jul 2006, 13:37

Rhys says:

Good attempt, never-the-less. The thing I hate most is the flags on cars!

26th Jul 2006, 13:45

Ok, so drinking Stella at 7.45 in the morning is not exactly great but I'm sticking up for someone dressed up as a football. That's great!

I thought it was brilliant when you saw the carnival type atmosphere in some of the cities in Germany.

There's a stigma surrounding football and the World Cup because of the obvious problems that occur but when it's going right and people from different countries are mixing and having a great time I think it's fantastic.

I'm sure someone somewhere will have a picture of someone dressed up as a football in a fight with someone dressed up as the World Cup somewhere but still....

26th Jul 2006, 14:01