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Not a government idea, nor a corporate site. Adventure Atlas and a digital box for magic.
Once I had a texual blog, but then I've lost my words... and moved here...

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23rd Jul 2006, 11:08  


Viv says:

Is this the word of the day

Many english speaking people would not know what it meaans - let alone how to spell it!

Does language just fascinate you and are you fluent in other foriegn languages?

As for your face what does it tell us? seems to be looking for answers to me....

open, careful, strong, gentle....

23rd Jul 2006, 12:13

kristiyan says:

Yes, I'm fascinated by the English language, as well as the design of the British Pound note. That's something which started 10 years ago. But I find that word to be quite common, as it is an international word. At least we use it alot in my language. Its quite an ancient one, too as seen from Webster's Dictionary:

Main Entry: phys·i·og·no·my
Pronunciation: "fi-zE-'ä(g)-n&-mE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -mies
Etymology: Middle English phisonomie, from Anglo-French phisenomie, from Late Latin physiognomonia, physiognomia, from Greek physiognOmonia, from physiognOmOn judging character by the features, from physis nature, physique, appearance + gnOmOn interpreter -- more at GNOMON
1 : the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearance
2 : the facial features held to show qualities of mind or character by their configuration or expression
3 : external aspect; also : inner character or quality revealed outwardly

23rd Jul 2006, 12:16

Viv says:

oh I know what it means - wouldn't call it common though - not as in everyday parlance!

23rd Jul 2006, 12:37

kristiyan says:

I put that for those "many" or few, who puzzle out on It.

23rd Jul 2006, 12:44

Viv says:

not many on this blog!

23rd Jul 2006, 13:28

kristiyan says:

Yeah. LOL, I hope so

23rd Jul 2006, 13:57

hildegard says:

"There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face..." whatever Lombroso imagined, but I don't think the word's that unusual... ;D

24th Jul 2006, 00:56

kristiyan says:

I question myself, my spirit and ability to perform a new character.

Being 27 turns out to be a life-stage crossing experience.

26th Jul 2006, 16:45