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The Paradiso Amsterdam july 2006

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posted by anonymous
12th Jul 2006, 13:27  

anonymous says:

colino take this off please, many thanks, doh

12th Jul 2006, 13:32

Euphro says:

Done! :)

12th Jul 2006, 13:43

clara says:

Reminds me of our school hall!Would have looked great with this
banner up there..Good pic.

12th Jul 2006, 14:45

clara says:

Lovely place-looks a bit like an old church.

12th Jul 2006, 14:47

fifi says:

It's looking good already can't wait to see you guys tonight......who took this pic? some lucky so & so on the inside

12th Jul 2006, 14:55

clara says:

Have you seen the band before,Fifi?

12th Jul 2006, 16:43

fifi says:

No I've never been that lucky until today, never bin in the same place as them but have followed there music for a while now. I teach all over the world and just missed them in Luxembourg a couple of weeks ago but was chuffed when I heard they were in Amsterdam when I was and delighted when my friend got me tickets. Anyway off to see them's been a long day waiting for it and I'll report back later and hopegully with some pics to share and I'm dying to see Archis for real he is soooooo cute.

12th Jul 2006, 16:56

clara says:

I hope you enjoy it- they are well
worth seeing.Let us know!!

12th Jul 2006, 18:11

heArtbeAt says:

Oh I want that in my room! Ahem, it's gonna be a bit big though...

Can't wait to see them tomorrow!! I'm so happy they're back in Belgium :D

12th Jul 2006, 20:50

clara says:

Ooh yes,you must be really excited.
Give them our love,HeArtbeAt!when you've seen them. Tell them we love them all.

12th Jul 2006, 21:16

clara says:

And we miss them over here in the UK!

12th Jul 2006, 21:24

suzy wong says:

They'll soon be back with us....I'm going to Manchester and Brixton to see them with 2 different sets of friends and hoping to catch them at Reading.

12th Jul 2006, 21:48

Fifi says:

Awesome, amazing, fantastic, superb, well worth the wait to see them.....I'm still on a high....oh wot a night!!

13th Jul 2006, 09:31

clara says:

Tell us all about it,Fifi,all you
can remember..

13th Jul 2006, 09:35

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Hee hee, I love your comment at 9.31 this morning Fifi. There's only two things that can make a girl feel that ecstatic; seeing the Park live being one and the other being something too nasty to write on such a family friendly blog...

tee hee, I'm talking about *whispers* s...e...x

Must work on the whole subtlety thing, not good at it. Please recount the whole night for us in graphic detail, Fifi! X

13th Jul 2006, 12:41

mynewtrenchcoat says:

@Clara: Paradiso is in fact an old church.

I was there too (yay!) but it turn out my brand new very sophisticated gadgetphone gets very confused when the object in front of the lens is moving. All I got was two blurs, one of Lukas and one of Paul.

13th Jul 2006, 13:30

Kevin (whatever-at-kevinenjoyce-dot-com) says:

another great night with the park! I haven't missed any of their shows in Holland (they have been here 5 times so far) and they have never disappointed me! The setlist was similar to the gig in The Hague a month ago, but yesterday they played one more new song and I Want You To Leave. I saw Paul and Lukas in the audience later on. But the best news: Paul told us they're gonna record the new album in 2 or 3 weeks!!
I took lots of pictures, I'll put some online asap.

13th Jul 2006, 14:30

mynewtrenchcoat says:

Looking forward to those pix Kevin!

They also played Fear of Falling, which they did not play in The Hague.

13th Jul 2006, 14:44

clara says:

@Bound-behave yourself,you're corrupting the new Blog members,Polly.I can see where you're coming from....
@m.n.trenchcoat:oh what a shame
about your photos.Didn't you get any pix at all?
@Kevin:sounds a tremendous show;I
heard that the Park are recording the new album in New York.Did you meet Paul and Lukas after the show?Ooh wow-cant wait to see those photos online.

13th Jul 2006, 15:17

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Sorry Clar, and sorry kiddies, I must be curbed..
As for the new album... I am so excited! I hoping for a set FULL of new stuff in October.

13th Jul 2006, 15:42

tessy says:

in new york????
i'm gonna be in new york in august, hope they'll still be there at that point.
imagine me walking through center park observing this one particular man and thinking uuhm this guy really looks like that maximo park guy..

13th Jul 2006, 16:07

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Ahh, Tessy thou art a stalker after my own heart! :p I've never been there meself, although people say it's a great, vibrant place. Are you going for business or pleasure, Tessy?

13th Jul 2006, 16:11

clara says:

Hello Tessy,thought you'd be put off this blog altogether!Are you working in New York?Central Park's an interesting place.

@Bound:I read a while ago that they were releasing the new album in New Year 2007,unless anything's changed.

13th Jul 2006, 17:13

tessy says:

well a friend of mine works there over the summer, i haven't seen her in a long time so i'm going to spent my holidays there..
it's actually weird because she studies in paris but i have to fly to new york to see her.
i have been in new york before, but that was with my parents and this is going to be my first time in new york all by myself!!!

13th Jul 2006, 20:31

tessy says:

and clara, no way you getting rid of me this easy ;)))))

13th Jul 2006, 20:34

clara says:

Oh right. Are you a teacher,Tessy?
I guess you'll enjoy New York by yourself,there'll be plenty to do and see. Would be interesting to hear your experiences in that city.
Let us know.

13th Jul 2006, 20:43

clara says:

But be careful who you meet in Central Park by yourself;they say it's full of weirdos.

13th Jul 2006, 20:59

tessy says:

teacher? why? well no..i'm a plain student, nothing special.
i already figured a few things out, what i wanna see and stuff, i have lots of museums on my menue and i guess i'll do some wild shopping-trips with my friend :)

13th Jul 2006, 21:31

clara says:

Just thought you looked rather like a teacher,from your photo in Luxy,with Paul.I have a friend who's visiting New York in October for a shopping weekend-her first visit too.What are you studying then?

13th Jul 2006, 21:42

tessy says:

oh is that a good thing to look like a teacher? ;)
well i study graphic design, but my personal opinion is that i'm not very good at it, i'm finishing my second year right now and then no idea what to do next..
i think designers should always be very convinced of what they do and i am certainly not, so..huhm.
what are you doing in your life?

14th Jul 2006, 00:23

clara says:

I'm a writer,Tessy.

14th Jul 2006, 09:49

clara says:

Something I've wanted to do for a long long time,now at last I have an opportunity.

14th Jul 2006, 10:28

clara says:

I wish you well with your graphic design career-it is difficult as it covers a wide range of genres.

14th Jul 2006, 10:42