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T in The Park Part 4

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We also made a banner that said "Sam + Nat heart Maximo Park" and got them to sign it at the signing tent.

Cheers guys! You were amazing! Best band of the weekend

See You Soon,

Love Sam and Nat xxxxxxxx

posted by Sam and Nat
10th Jul 2006, 22:35  

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Aw, definitely worth getting cold and wet for! You guys are so lucky. X

11th Jul 2006, 07:21

LR says:

Nice pictures!

A question: Anyone heard anything about a new song called "Rosemary" or something?

11th Jul 2006, 09:38

clara says:

Amazing pix-very professional.Well done!Duncan looks very jolly in that second pic and I love your banner!!You lucky people.

11th Jul 2006, 09:58

clara says:

Don't know "Rosemary",but I listened to "Monument" five times last night,it's such a wonderful song...

11th Jul 2006, 10:07

Sam says:

aw cheers everyone, aye they played monument at t. Its an ace song :)


11th Jul 2006, 10:09

clara says:

It's one of the best songs I've ever heard.

11th Jul 2006, 10:15

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Rosemary...heaven restores you in... oh, wait no, that's someone else...:P
Where did you hear of this new song-age, LR?
Yay! They played Monument at T! Did they do Fortnight's Time, Sam?

11th Jul 2006, 11:51

LR says:

I have my sources..but even with this source I'm helplessly left to find out myself.
I don't even know if it got played already.
If so it must have happended at T or Oxegen I guess.

11th Jul 2006, 12:41

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Hmm... does anyone know where in Pete's name I can find any footage of Oxegen of T? Anybody?...

11th Jul 2006, 12:58

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Oxegen OR T... if I bothered to sign in I could edit my poor spelling, I 'spose...

11th Jul 2006, 12:59

LR says:
(of course with "www.")
it's from T. Can't tell you what to expect cause I can't stream it.

11th Jul 2006, 13:02

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Ooh. Ta, LR. X

11th Jul 2006, 13:25

suzy wong says:

Hi guys,
BBC2 on friday evening about 11pm, they are showing T in the Park. It was awesome and Paul had the crowd jumping. One of the best bits in my opinion, (am I biased?????)

11th Jul 2006, 14:34

clara says:

@Bound.Try for Oxygen footage of the Park.

@Suzy Wong,no,you're most certainly not biased.

11th Jul 2006, 14:50

clara says:

@Bound-mtv site should have coverage of more T in the Park on
28th/29th July,so it says.

11th Jul 2006, 15:30

clara says:

Have just watched the BBC Scotland
coverage of Maximo at T in the Park.What a
sensational performance.

11th Jul 2006, 17:07

clara says:

I don't remember them playing "Monument" or "Fortnight's Time" on it,though.

11th Jul 2006, 17:22

Sam says:

they played some album songs, all the songs they've released, monument and A19. No other bsides or new songs as far as I can remember. Still ace though :)

11th Jul 2006, 17:55

clara says:

Thanks Sam!Monument wasn't on the BBC Scotland online coverage.
I see they've sold 35,000 tickets for next year's T already!!
They don't even know what bands are on yet.

11th Jul 2006, 18:17

Sam says:

I got mine! :D

it will be amazing, it always is :)

11th Jul 2006, 18:45

clara says:

I don't know how you and Nat do it, Sam,you must be dead on your feet going to all these gigs(still I guess it must be worth it)!!

11th Jul 2006, 19:51

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I still haven't gotten around to watching the BBC coverage of T... I am a little spaced out on hearing that Syd Barret died on Monday... I thought I'd draw everyone's attention to that factoid...

11th Jul 2006, 20:29

clara says:

Yes,that was very sad.The end of an era.

11th Jul 2006, 20:40

heArtbeAt says:

Yeah i heard that too :(

11th Jul 2006, 23:16

clara says:

I read that David Bowie was very cut up about it,as Syd Barrett was his main inspiration.

12th Jul 2006, 14:51

clara says:

Aww,how sweet...

13th Jul 2006, 09:38