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So this is an idea to use my pretties. I have put them in a tray of sand to have a look-see. What do you think? The white glass nuggets where collected from a beach a few years ago, they show up better in real life
18th Jun 2006, 14:33   | tags:

factotum(gygriffin-at-sympatico-dot-ca) says:

When I lean back and look from a distance, I'm starting to think that the yellow spiral and the white "eye" are too crowded together. Perhaps that's because those shapes are very strongly defined because they're so linear and so limited in their colours. A quick experiment would be to replace some of the warm colour tesserae in the spiral with something cool, or replace some of the white.
Can you tell that I would love to fiddle! Looks like fun!

18th Jun 2006, 14:54

paintist says:

if the grouting is white ,I think that balance would be redressed..this is great, and I *heart* the use of beach glass, I always collect it and never know what to do with it, great idea.....

18th Jun 2006, 15:15

FilbertFox says:

yes i take you point about the crowding. I do want to keep the spiral warm, but i am not sure about the white, or in fact any of the 'eye', and i was thinking of either an ivory or grey grout.

tis a fun way to spend a rainy sunday

18th Jun 2006, 15:22

JokerXL says:

It's gonna be great FF, either way, I can feel it in me bones.
I really should get off my arse and do some of that, I want to make a "Gaudiesque" bench from concrete and old leftover broken wall tiles, all curves and colours.

18th Jun 2006, 15:35

FilbertFox says:

so where you going to get the tiles from? I went to a local diy shop and asked what they did with the broken tiles, they said they threw them away, when i asked if i could buy them they said yes, if i paid full price for them!

18th Jun 2006, 15:38

paintist says:

cheeky monkeys....just wait for skip day....

18th Jun 2006, 15:56

JokerXL says:

Robbin B@£$%^ds!

I've got quite a collection from jobs over the years, otherwise just ask around freinds and family, everyone's got a stash of "leftovers"
When we moved in here, 2 years back there were stacks of orange and green tiles "alla 70's" in the shed.

18th Jun 2006, 16:10

FilbertFox says:

i have no friends :'(

18th Jun 2006, 16:17

Dhamaka says:

looks great FF

you could always start a mobloggers' appeal for broken tiles, if I had any I'd send them to you

18th Jun 2006, 16:22

JokerXL says:

Aw, FF, I'll bring you tiles, might take a while but you'll get them, I'll put some in the truck and carry them about for weeks and weeks 'till I get a stopover in Leeds.

18th Jun 2006, 16:30

FilbertFox says:

ah Joker yor are so sweet!

18th Jun 2006, 16:39

Poppet says:

Whats it going to be?

18th Jun 2006, 16:56

Viv says:

the eye is a distraction
you have 3 different areas of colour and the spiral connects to them all but the
and wouldn't use the browns

18th Jun 2006, 16:59

anonymous says:

the more i look at it the more the eye looks wrong

18th Jun 2006, 17:02

Maggie D says:

If you are looking for more tiles try 'free cycle' - bound to be people in your area wanting to get rid of some this gaudi design ... it's got me thinking too....

18th Jun 2006, 17:28

FilbertFox says:

thanks for your input peeps! It is my first real attempt, i do have nippers and eye protectors but i shouldn't need it for this one.,

I have dismantled the 'eye' but i am not sure what to do in its place.

Free cycle - never tried that will give it a go!

18th Jun 2006, 19:46

Viv says:

don't think it was the pattern of the eye - rather the colours

18th Jun 2006, 23:54

FilbertFox says:

colours are limited Viv, i have the brown colour, flesh tones, black grey whites, and various coloured transparant glass. I have done a 'replacement' but still not happy with it. Try again after work me thinks

19th Jun 2006, 08:16

paintist says:

i don't know what i am not getting here....i like it...
and now that everyone is talking about 'eyes' i think it looks like this clicky

19th Jun 2006, 08:31

crickson says:

Hmm... looks like one of those colour-blindness tests! I like the blue tiles - nice tones.

19th Jun 2006, 15:07

DeanDare says:

Looks cool mate, wish I had talent like yours

19th Jun 2006, 17:33

FilbertFox says:

thanks dean, but i wouldn't say i had an talent i just like a riot of colour in my house and enjoy playing!

20th Jun 2006, 08:24

redhead4304 says:

Oooh! Lovely!
I really like this.

20th Jun 2006, 17:22