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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Watching Dr Who 3/6/06

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3rd Jun 2006, 19:26   | tags:,

Gael says:

don't give the story away, I'm going to watch tomorrow's repeat when I get my girlies back : )
EDIT, lovely shot, as ever

3rd Jun 2006, 19:28

Twiglet says:

You won't get the story from me, I never watch it. The Twisted Sister told me that someone chucked Science Fiction in the chute on Room 101 the other night, bloody good job too!

3rd Jun 2006, 19:30

The new Dr Who is so wrong.....

I've said it before and no doubt I will say it again. Wrong wrong wrong....

3rd Jun 2006, 19:32

Twiglet says:

Oi SFG! According to DD that's my future son-in-law you're talking about!

3rd Jun 2006, 19:39

Dazzle_Dust says:

Dr.Who is my boyfriend and we are going to get married in spring under the trees!!! MINE MINE MINE!!!

Nice shot!

3rd Jun 2006, 19:50

Twiglet says:

You haven't got enough taste to have a good sh*t!! Chris we're talking!

3rd Jun 2006, 19:53

Twiglet says:

I wouldn't turn down Cpt Jack....

3rd Jun 2006, 20:01

Dhamaka says:

ah now... Cpt Jack... *drools*

nice shot, btw

3rd Jun 2006, 20:18

Gael says:

I used to have a thing for most of the cast ofBlake's Seven ...

3rd Jun 2006, 20:24

Twiglet says:

Don't mention Blake's Seven. The Beloved still mourns its passing.... :(

3rd Jun 2006, 20:25

Twiglet, lets face it you wouldn't turn down Father Jack

3rd Jun 2006, 20:27

Twiglet says:

A priest? Shag a priest? Hmmmm.......

3rd Jun 2006, 20:28

Twiglet says:

George: Spare yourself, don't watch it at all!

3rd Jun 2006, 20:30

FilbertFox says:

you can't have ecclestone or cpt jack, cos they are both locked up here with me

3rd Jun 2006, 20:56

Twiglet says:

FilbertFox: Give us back our fantasy men!

3rd Jun 2006, 21:03

nige says:

love this shot.

3rd Jun 2006, 22:18

FilbertFox says:


4th Jun 2006, 09:08

Twiglet says:

Thanks for comments people. DD gets so absorbed in Dr Who that she has no idea that I've been photographing her. I took 6 last night.

4th Jun 2006, 10:06

Dhamaka says:

that's so sweet!
and proves that she's just as gorgeous when she's not posing for the camera

4th Jun 2006, 10:51

DeanDare says:

She has good taste Dr Who is brilliant, although the original series was better

4th Jun 2006, 15:29

Viv says:

an enchanting picture

4th Jun 2006, 16:22

Twiglet says:

Thanks Dhamaka, Dan and Viv. I'm really pleased with this shot. I know I'm a bit boring with these Dr W watching shots but I love taking them because they are completely unposed and she's never smiling in them. Just at the moment poor DD has NO front teeth at all and looks a bit like that Shane McGowan from the Pogues!

4th Jun 2006, 17:19

Shoes says:

Fantastic shot :)

4th Jun 2006, 17:53

Dhamaka says:

not boring at all. Saturday wouldn't be saturday without a Watching Dr Who post..

4th Jun 2006, 18:27