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No more cold turkey.

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silar31 says:

Ok, between you and nige, I'm now craving the tasty frozen goodness in a bad way! Grocery shopping will definitely be featuring a stop at the ice cream freezer.

2nd Jun 2006, 18:21

paintist says:

Its best to do it a little at a time....or if you really need support I could eat them for you...just saying, I'm here if you need me ......

2nd Jun 2006, 18:25

Gael says:

I've got a couple of those in my freezer ... make that one left ...

2nd Jun 2006, 18:33

Uber_Spy says:

Thanks P. You're too kind.
*hands Paintist Magnum for each hand.

Hmmmm...sugar ooooohhhh. Damn that was good.

And how many are left right now Gael? hehe. Go on...

2nd Jun 2006, 18:37

Gael says:

Stil one in the frezer, one on my desk. I'm making myself wait, I've never noticed that little M stamped on them before ... and damn. I can't blog it 'cos they've taken my camera : (

2nd Jun 2006, 18:39

paintist says:

got to eat mine quick.... saving Uber from herself, and they are melting......

2nd Jun 2006, 18:43

Uber_Spy says:

Who is this 'they' Gael?? What happened to your camera? Blogging that 'M' will be a good reason to unwrap another magnum at a later date...all in the name of 'art'!

Again...thanks P... THANK GOD you're here!!
*wipes sweat from brow

2nd Jun 2006, 18:55

paintist says:

mmm mmnn mmnnnn any time :-)

2nd Jun 2006, 19:00

Gael says:

I am home alone. So I can revise (stop laughing at the back there!) I thought sending my camera into exhile into deepest darkest, outer space (OK, Cardiff) would reduces my temptations. How wrong I was.
PS Cna someone please relieve me of the rest of this bottle of red before I start spouting even more unintelligble b******s than usual?
thank-you, hic ...

2nd Jun 2006, 19:11

paintist says:

is it nice red...hey you know i am here for you too Gael, I can save you from yourself.....

2nd Jun 2006, 19:14

Gael says:

OK, it's yours, Paintist - it's Torres, the one with the twee litle bull around its neck ... compliments a Magnum Classic very nicely, in fact I think I shall write to Sainsbury's and suggest a BOGOPF campaign ,,, those 5 years of working in retail reap dividends after all, cr0ss-marketing at its finest

2nd Jun 2006, 19:17

Uber_Spy says:

I second that. 3 people with hiccups are FAR more interesting that just the one. We could get a bit of a beat going &...well..

2nd Jun 2006, 19:18

paintist says:

right oh then....not much left Gael....but thanks, ok you can let go now....really....

2nd Jun 2006, 19:19

paintist says:

I now have a red winestain smile and chocolate on my chin...anyone else need saving from themselves?

2nd Jun 2006, 19:30

nige says:

the name of this icecream just freaks me. try as i might to imaging the tasty cold sweetness, it just reminds me of tom sellecks handlebar mustache.


2nd Jun 2006, 19:48

wildrainbows says:

Mmmm, ice cream!!

2nd Jun 2006, 20:26

puddlepuff says:

Ohhhh. Nothing beats that first ice cream bite at the start of the sunny season.

**Added to shoppinglist**

2nd Jun 2006, 23:30

Gael says:

the last Magnum just bit the dust, well it was lonely there in the freezer all by itself ...
and if you don't hurry up the last of the red is on its way down the hatch, too

3rd Jun 2006, 22:17

Viv says:

not safe to be left with this company!

4th Jun 2006, 11:29

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