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These are random moments in the life of an indecent designer and the city she loves.

To read my grudging babblings about design, click the button.

And can we really measure
If we think we're any better
than that skyline that goes on and on
forever, on and on...."

- Less Than Jake: Is This Thing On?

Everybody in this world wants the same damned thing-
just not at the same time.

-Chris Orbach: Jane

I could be condemned to hell for every sin but littering."

- Soul Coughing: Idiot Kings

I am a female, carbon based lifeform.
I am a New York City Native.
I am a Design Professional.
I take photographs.
I also sculpt, paint, create mosaics, and play with weapons.

And sometimes, I even dance about Architecture.

What I see, is what you get.

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I'd intended on going home last night, so I hadn't brought anything to sleep in. It got late and I got way sleepy, so I needed something to wear. The horrific part is that this is just an ordinary work shirt for the monster.
2nd Jun 2006, 11:51   | tags:,

Viv says:

dwarfs you!

2 areas of confusion - why did you intend to go home and why did you need something to wear?

2nd Jun 2006, 11:57

Geodyne says:

Nice dress. ;-)

2nd Jun 2006, 12:14

wildrainbows says:

Hehe, where do the end of your arms come in those huge arm sleeves?

2nd Jun 2006, 12:24

bronxelf, on boingo. says:

just past the elbows. even for his height, he has very long arms.

2nd Jun 2006, 12:29

ookiine says:

It's HUGE!

2nd Jun 2006, 12:32

bronxelf, on boingo. says:

so's he.

2nd Jun 2006, 12:35

Xochizlan says:

I'm not huge.

I'm imposing.

And she's exceptionally tiny.

We do fit together so well.

2nd Jun 2006, 13:13

yourhermione says:

*still waiting for the Chucks size comparison shot to go with the hands comparison shot*

2nd Jun 2006, 13:24

wildrainbows says:

How tall are you both?

2nd Jun 2006, 13:42

bronxelf says:

Heather- It's in his moblog.

Wildrainbows- the difference in height is 14". I'm 5'2 and he's 6'4.

2nd Jun 2006, 13:51

Dhamaka says:

Viv, me too...

2nd Jun 2006, 15:01

silar31 says:

I wondered just exactly how tall he was. DH is also 6'4, but I'm 5'6 so there isn't quite so extreme a difference.

2nd Jun 2006, 15:23

Trav says:

Jayzus. Are you in there somewhere? Vaguely resembles Cousin It, only with nicer gams.

2nd Jun 2006, 23:53

bronxelf says:

I do a really good cousin it imitation, really.

3rd Jun 2006, 00:01

Stacy says:

I know the feeling...

3rd Jun 2006, 00:21

bronxelf says:

Yeah I imagine you do, though in all fairness the monster is bigger than J.

3rd Jun 2006, 00:22

GregErin says:

You look like a little kid.

3rd Jun 2006, 00:24

bronxelf says:

It's hard not to feel like one when the shirt you're wearing can fit another one of you in it.

3rd Jun 2006, 00:26

Dhamaka says:

at least another one, maybe another two

3rd Jun 2006, 01:28

Stacy says:

yeah, but E's buddy Taylor is comparably sized. I akways feel smallest in J's robe, especially since I bothered to get him one that FITS him.

3rd Jun 2006, 02:05

daz says:


That is SO cute. :D

3rd Jun 2006, 16:10