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This is London, not Antartica, so why don't the tubes run all night,
You are my Girlfriend, not Molly Ringwald, so why won't you stay here tonight,
This is sixth form poetry not Keats or Yeats, and now we find the part that we both hate.

We love the city because it lets us down, We love the city NOT the suburbs that surround.
We love all the dirty things, that lead us to think, that maybe true love could be found.
We love the city because its how we live, We love the city cause it never loves us back.
We love it all because sometimes, even though they're hard to find, it contains all the virtues we lack.

(Hefner "We Love The City")

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Sometimes I hate my job

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I left this small, small room at 1120 last night.

I came back in at 1030 this morning. At 5pm my boss told me I could stop the Lords coverage. Great, I thought, home at a reasonable hour. They then gave me another pre recorded 45 min Westminster debate to caption. On top of the 2 3hr parts of the Lords that I still need to edit.

I want a cup of tea. Or a pint. Some kind of stimulant, anyway.
15th Jul 2004, 17:31  

AlienGirl says:

looks like it

15th Jul 2004, 17:32

jaggysnake says:

But sometimes you like it, right?

At least you don't hate it all time....some people do!

15th Jul 2004, 17:52

momo says:

i know that feeling

15th Jul 2004, 17:53

kel says:

hmm... well it's well paying considering i'm still a student... plus i get to tell people i sorta/kinda/not really work for the beeb. but the strange hours are not fun.. however I'm only here for another 2 weeks! yay!

15th Jul 2004, 17:56

jaggysnake says:

What do you do exactly?

15th Jul 2004, 18:04

kel says:

err... I record, caption and edit debates for BBC Parliament... mainly House of Lords stuff but also other things like Scottish Parliament and committees.
They havent let me near the Commons. I think they're worried I might break it.

15th Jul 2004, 18:13

Phoenix says:

Hey how about subtitoles for what they really say - now that would be a GREAT job

15th Jul 2004, 18:16

kel says:

Ooh, it's so tempting, sometimes, I tell you...
Like the time the Lords were debating top up fees and going on about how great volunteering was for graduates (and i'm sitting here thinking, great, but we also have to eat... one of my friends has just been refused dole money because she's doing a work placement, so I'm a bit het up about that kind of thing.)

15th Jul 2004, 18:23

pahtlor says:

Yeah I know how you feel, work sucks, but at least you get paid, I don't get paid enough at my job, sucks having your own company :(

18th Jul 2004, 01:29

Venus says:

I hate my job all the time..
I am slowly developing a phobia of offices. They look like prisons. And this is where I waste my life...
8.5 hours 5 days a week totally wasted.

17th Oct 2005, 00:02

denise says:

I REALLY hate my job. I live in the U.S. I've been working for Starbucks for 6 or so years. I have my English degree, but nobody cares. I used to have more energy for volunteering and freelance video production, but now I'm worn out from my job and I need to do something new. I have a very low boredom threshold unfortunately.

23rd Feb 2006, 21:09

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